Love at First Sight

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Lisa didn't think she could love again, so when it happened, it took her totally by surprise.

Love at First Sight

The moment she set eyes on William, it was love at first sight for Lisa.. Her heart was captured, and the strength of her feelings even surprised her. He was special, and she knew without a doubt, that it would last a lifetime.

It wasn’t his looks that attracted her. His face was very round, not exactly a Leonardo di Caprio look alike, even his hair was sparse, with just a few wisps. straggling around his neck. But his eyes held the magnetism. They were piercingly blue, and when she saw them, she succumbed. David was temporarily forgotten, as a wonderful glow swept through her.

She realised she was no good to him, or anyone else in her present state. After months of feeling not exactly ill, but certainly not herself, she had spent a lot of time in bed, cut herself off from friends, and allowed her weight to get out of hand. Jenny had been right when she reminded her.

” You may have had a shock mum, but life goes on. I am here for you when you need me.”

A shock was putting it mildly! At the age of forty she had discovered that David had changed. The man she had loved for over twenty years was having an affair. Shock and disbelief that he could do this to her, prompted her angry words.

” Get out!” she had shouted at him. ” I never want to see you again!”

She had felt better when she threw all his clothes out into the garden, but the pain which followed the anger was unbearable.

She had buried herself in her grief, re-thinking her life, and comfort eating had been so easy. Her weight had crept up, but until now she hadn’t cared.

But now she wanted to look her best for William. She vowed to do exercises and get slim again. She would go out for walks with him. Forty was still young these days. She had a new life ahead of her, and she was filled with a sense of purpose.

Jenny was nineteen now, and could be relied on in times of stress. She, too, had been shocked by her father’s affair, although it hadn’t lasted long.

” He’s alone and miserable now Mum.” Jenny had confided to her. ” He has only ever loved you, and he’s so sorry.”

Lisa tried thinking about it now, as the pain was less acute. Maybe they had got into a rut, and she had let herself go. There were faults on both sides, and she knew that her angry reaction had not allowed him to explain.

She didn’t like the way her life had become over the last few months. She must forgive and move on, and try to put the past behind her. With William in her life she felt she could do it.

She had known that when he found out about William he would come and see her. He would ask her to take him back. He had played safe, and come with Jenny, hoping not to incure her wrath again. But she didn’t feel anger any more, just a knot in her stomach, and the familiar ache in her heart, that the loss of him had caused.

He looked nervous, especially when Jenny left them alone together. But Lisa could feel her anger melting, life was too short to bear grudges.

David held her hand gently. It felt so good, she’d almost forgotten what it was like.

” Lisa, I know I messed up big time, but why didn’t you tell me about Wiliam?” he cried in anguish. ” I know I can’t live ithout you. Please let me come home again.”

Lisa looked at the man who had been the love of her life ever since she was eighteen, long before William. His brown eyes were sad, but so sincere. She felt her cloud of depression lifting.

” Well I’ll certainly think about it.” she murmured, as she handed him his new born son.


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