Love at Long Last, Getting to know each other, Part 4

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The conversation continues as Mia and Steve get to know each other.

The Conversation

She responds to Steve:
Thank you for the kind words.
Your work sounds very interesting. It also sounds like you are away from home a
lot. It must have been tough.
I am retired, so my schedule is rather flexible. I am usually out first thing in the morning with my little dog and then a few appointments.
Steve says:
You are most welcome; I commend your effort as well. My friends will tell you
I am interesting and fun to be around. I am looking forward to my retirement in few weeks and I can't wait to finally enjoy the rest of my life with someone interesting and explore this wonderful world.
I feel very comfortable with our conversation so far, I want to know more about you.
Now I am meeting you on the internet, who knows what God plans for us in the nearest future. I think we could make this work if we choose to. Let us build an
inspiring friendship, I believe love is all that makes boring life seem
interesting and it's not about finding the right person, but creating a right
relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how
much love you build till the end. My dear, let us give reality a chance and it
will lead us to our destination.

Mia's answers

Mia’s answers to Steve’s questions:
Do you like to travel? If you could go anywhere where would you go?Love to
travel… a few places on my bucket list… Alaska Cruise, Egypt, Australia , Fiji.
Do you like to camp, how do you like to camp? Haven’t done very much
How do you like to fish? Yes, fishing is very
Do you like to eat fish? yes
What kind of food do you like? I eat everything but garlic. I don’t mind a little garlic
flavouring but if I eat it I get violently ill. No fun!
Do you live in a house or a shared apartment with someone? I have a small house and live alone with my little dog.

Do you keep a clean house and do you pick up after yourself? Yes absolutely…. My
mother taught me well!
What is your favorite book (other than the Bible)? TV programs? Movies?I have so
many… Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged, Dan Brown (all his books), Michener The Source,
Deborah Hardness, Shadow of the Night so many…
TV shows: Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS
Movies: I love comedies and special effects, I also love musicals. I really
enjoyed Argo, Life of PI

How do you feel about relocating? Depends
Living in the country? I love small towns!
Living in the city? I love the energy
How long have you lived at your present address? 17 years
Looking back at your life, describe one particular event that you wish you had
handled differently. Getting married to the individual I married, but I will always
honour him for giving me my children
Looking back on your life, of what are you most proud? My children
Do you have any hobbies and are you skilled at any type of home repairs or
maintaining a vehicle? Hobbies: reading, writing and painting pictures – oil and water colour, crafts
Home repairs: painting, decorating
My vehicle I take to the dealership
Describe 4 main goals for your life: Travel, travel, travel and have some fun!
If you had to leave everything behind, except 5 things, what would you take? My
passport, family pictures, my laptop and my address book
Do you have any health problems or do your children? None
How do you act when you're angry? I get quiet


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