Love at Long Last, Getting to know each other, Part 5

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Finding love on the internet and the conversation.

The conversation continues as Mia and Steve get to know each other.

Steve answers;
Hi Mia, I appreciate the time you spent answering the questions;
Here are my responses:

I have been to many different countries, but most of my traveling has been
basically for work. I would like to go to Israel; Paris, France; Dublin, Ireland
and some other parts of Caribbean.

Yes, I like to camp, in a motel or my SUV. Sometimes its fun to have a camp fire
but it would be really more fun with a partner. I’m the type of man who is always willing to try new things.

I like to fish and I do eat seafood.
I don’t have any diet restrictions but don’t eat too much pork.
I love historical, romantic comedies and of course actions flicks.

Like I said in my previous email I am willing to relocate if needed.
When I was 31, I was sitting at a bar in a club in Auckland, New Zealand, when this very interesting guy walked up to me and asked if he could join me for a drink. We talked about lots of things and he sounded like a guy who has seen it all, been to it all and was willing to tell it all. I really enjoyed the conversation and was really intrigued by his experiences and philosophy of life. We had a lengthy discussion that night, and then we went our separate way. I regretted not keeping in touch, I never saw him again. Please don't misunderstand I am not gay but you have to agree with me that there are characters you don't often come across and somehow when you do, they impact your life forever.

My hobbies are: dancing, golf, skiing, I also love to build things with my hands.
My goal is to find someone with whom I can have a committed relationship.
If I could only bring five things with me they would be: a Bible, food, a lantern/touch light, radio and some photographs of my family.

How do I handle anger…that depends... I don't get angry very often. There are times when I won’t say anything until I cool off and think about it. I may yell if it hurts physically ie stubbing my toe; or not say anything at all. It depends on the situation. I'm not trying to avoid answering, it’s the best I can do without specifics.

I enjoy good health; I get a physical every time I take on a new project. I have gone through different kind of tests which is normal if you work mostly abroad.
My day-to-day activity/plan depends on what is going on. I didn't get a lot of sleep lately due to the final project at hand. I woke up around 2 am to fax off some documents to England in order to conclude negotiations with them since that’s
the best time to connect with them due to the time difference (You’ll get to
know more about this as time goes on).

I speak Hungarian, German and of course English.

I hope this gives you an idea of who I am.

Mia responds:

I backpacked thru Europe after University and totally loved it. I am into
history so I am always interested in historical sites. I would absolutely LOVE
to go to Israel.

I have been to Barbados at least 6 times. I love Mexico as well…. The people are
so nice!

I really like your idea of camping

I love the story of when you were 31 and meeting a really interesting stranger. That sounded fascinating!

It sounds like you are very busy right now. Hopefully you get the contract.


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