Love at Long Last, Getting to know each other, Part 6

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The conversation continues and the relationship grows.

Steve talks about his work:

Hope you had a good day? Thank you for keeping our communication alive and for believing in the spirit of friendship, I feel the need to let you know about my work so you could understand how busy I could be sometimes. I hope you'll understand how demanding it is to start a new contract. I will try to explain what my job entails.
As an oil & gas engineer, I work in several areas of petroleum exploration and extraction. While I specialize in one area, I still need to be mindful of the entire process since the engineering and production components work together. I am a team leader, and often work with other engineers, scientists and platform laborers.
My job involves the process of extracting oil and natural gas from reservoirs. There are many types of engineers such as drilling engineers, production engineers, reservoir engineers, all members of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. In all stages, we (oil and gas engineers) use knowledge of petro physics to ensure that all drilling operations are conducted accurately and efficiently, while complying with laws and environmental standards.
I have worked on offshore drilling platforms, in oil fields and reserves, on the refinery from deserts to jungles. Some of my duties include:
Determining the soil texture fertility
Determining the most productive locations
Taking proper control of the pipelines
Taking responsibility for safety and efficiency
Ensuring well maintenance
Interpreting results
Ensuring efficient well flow
Informing clients of progress
My job also includes; evaluation of potential oil and gas reservoirs, overseeing drilling activities, selecting and implementing recovery schemes, and designing surface collection and treatment facilities.

As an oil and gas engineer that includes networking, I also work on the installation and maintenance of the pipelines that supply homes and businesses. Common job roles in oil and gas engineering include process, structural and safety.
My job sometimes includes overseeing:
Digging holes by hand or using mechanical digging equipment.
Using maps and plans to trace where digging needs to be done.
Laying and repairing pipes and mains systems.
Connecting homes and businesses to the gas network.
Installing and maintaining gas pressure control equipment.
Responding to emergency gas leaks.
Filling in holes and repairing pavements and gardens when the work is done.
Following strict safety procedures and meeting standards laid down by the Gas Company and Health and Safety Executive.
The best thing about this job is the variable work schedule. Sometimes I’m in the office and sometimes I’m offshore, it varies so often, I can get bored. I also get ten days off each month, which allows for frequent travel. Working in the oil industry can be a passport to seeing the world. In the couple of years I've been in Halliburton, Canada I’ve travelled around Texas, the Gulf of Mexico and Oman. The most interesting place is working on the stimulation vessels and large, deep water rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. The rigs are the closest thing to a space station without a trip to the moon. It is a different experience living out in the middle of the ocean.
Travelling the world discovering new seams of oil can be an exhilarating adventure but it takes more than being a strong man to achieve it. It is not easy to cope with being dunked in a big tank of water as preparation... Smile
I hope this explain and gives you an idea of what my job involves.
Good night.

Mia responses:

I read your description regarding your job… it sounds fascinating. It is a real need and until we can power our vehicles and everything else with other methods it is imperative. It sounds like you do quite a bit of travel and are away from home a lot. Did your wife and daughter travel with you? It would be a wonderful way of seeing the world, but it is really nice to have a base.

Regardless of where you are …. Take care of yourself!


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