Love at Long Last, The beginning

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A fictional story about finding love on the internet.

Mia finally ready for love

Mia was a divorced mother of two, living in a quiet community of Harmony, West Virginia. It was a long time in coming but Mia was finally ready to move on and allow someone into her life. She was too busy for so many years, just working, paying the bills and raising her children.
It started in March of last year when her youngest moved out and Mia was suddenly on her own. In February while all the couples were planning their Valentine’s celebrations Mia suddenly felt very lonely. She decided to take the plunge. Single men were abundant but a good man was hard to find. Mia decided to go “online”, in hopes of meeting someone.
She joined an online dating service for people over fifty. There she met a gentleman by the name of Steve.

The Profile

Steve wrote in his profile that he was a widower, a Christian, a Pisces, loved dogs and was a non smoker. He also said that he had a daughter graduating college and getting married in October of this year. He was a civil engineer in the oil and gas industry, he had his own company and was looking forward to retirement and travel.
His daughter had urged him to find a lady so that he wasn’t alone. His friends also told him the same things. Steve was also lonely; he missed his wife and missed the companionship of a good woman.
Steve posted a picture showing a mature man of 61, he had blue eyes, light brown hair with lots of gray in it. He described himself as a regular build standing at 6’ 1” tall. His motive in joining the dating site was loneliness and the wish for a loving companion.
Mia was touched by his statement. Steve sent her a query asking if she would like to correspond with him. They exchanged email addresses and began their internet romance.

Steve's email

Steve’s first email was “I hope you get this and will wait for your acknowledgement.”
Of course Mia acknowledged his email and the conversations commenced.
Steve said: Glad you got this; I will take my time to write you about myself and will expect the same in return...

It took me a while to write this letter and I hope you will find this aligning with what you would cherish your life time partner to have, just in case I hit a mark less than your consideration level, do not let that deter you. I have the character to adapt easily, by which I mean to say "I can be what will fit your search criteria not with force but consideration that works with life's imperfection” - LOL

I was born and raised in Hungary. I have been fortunate to have had a great life! And the foundation for that came from amazing, loving parents who had a great partnership of nearly 60 years (57 when my dad died at age 90). Their great partnership (not without ups/downs, disagreements, many negotiations and compromises) provided my brother, sister, and me with a good model of a how a solid marriage is formed and maintained. And none of the 3 of us was divorced! Great role models! Our parents raised us to be strong, confident, and successful, backed us up, and encouraged us to take risks. They instilled the belief in us that "you can do anything you want ". I kind of lucked out! My marriage was successful and so was my career. As Robert Frost said "…and that has made all the difference."

I am a very successful engineer/oil consultant. I like to always look at the positives of life. I am honest, loyal, a great friend and most importantly I am good natured. I am true to myself and that gives me an opportunity to be able to hang out with all types of people. My personality is outgoing, funny, crazy at times but also serious when needed; Family and friends are very important to me. I am loving, caring, understanding and a fun man to be with; I don’t like monotony so I’m always on the run. You’ll capture my heart with just a touch and I’ll reward you with attention, affection and unconditional passion. My soul is yearning for a companion. I also admire the same qualities in a woman.
I have a daughter who is in college. She is the one that encouraged me to give online dating a try, so here I am.
You seem like an intelligent woman of faith. I was married for 29 wonderful years before my wife passed away 9 years ago. She died from a massive heart attack. I miss her dearly; but I guess life has to go on! I never had a serious relationship after her death. I'm doing fine with that, but life has its ups and downs just as in a relationship, both are far from being perfect but that is life. She passed on so quickly and it was very painful for me. We shared so many interests; we had planned on spending the rest of our life together, this woman was a gift from God. She was wonderful, caring and generous. Overall, she was intelligent, funny, kind and affectionate. She was the peacemaker in our household. I still doubt if I would ever find a woman of her kind again. However, I believe that GOD can make the impossible become possible and so here I am.
I am a good Christian. I believe in God and go to Church when I can. I am willing to relocate if needed. I do enjoy traveling, presently I travel for business and would like to do it for fun. I'm an easy going person. I like to think of myself as a positive, honest thoughtful, open minded person, this does not mean that I am carefree. I'm very active and have good health, and I also have a good sense of humor. I do enjoy the outdoors, especially hiking, camping, fishing as well as music and reading. There is a book that impacted so much on my marital life; written by GLENN EGLI & JENNIFER CARREL, “Making Love Last: 365 Ways to Love Your Wife”, it remains my favorite even up till this day. My late wife loved it a lot and had introduced it to me. But that is life for you; anything can happen! I had blanked out on love completely, until I met an old school friend of mine, who elucidated about the realities of living and loving. This friend also encouraged me to face up to realities that I could as well find a woman as good as my late wife on the dating site, he did say at the time that there are "MORE GOOD WOMEN, THAN BAD ONES", I am hoping to find the "RIGHT ONE FOR ME"! I want to believe that you could be my soul mate, comforter and above all best friend, for that is the ONLY grounds on which a happy marriage life is built.
As an oil engineering consultant, I have had to work for myself up till this point, I fix refineries, oil rigs pipelines and bury it underground (Ocean and seas through submarines), these oil and gas pipelines pass through it. Companies I worked for were Chevron, Texaco and Shell.... My philosophy about life; is that anything that has minimal level of risk is less rewarding, as it is in business, so it is in love and every other human enterprise. I also like to look my very best at all times and I am not a demanding person. I have learned to appreciate the little things in life, as everything to me no matter how insignificant counts, this is based on my humble background.
I am not up here for games; I have a limited time so I'd appreciate no pranks. I hope this information is helpful to have an idea of whom you are talking with. Do not hesitate to ask me questions if you have any for me as I will like to get to know you. We can do some IM chatting if you have an account with yahoo. Let me know if we can go from there.


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