Love it Right , if white is white , and if black is black

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however its kind, true love should be clear, not just for the fun of it, this is a poem about true love

The True Love

major capital obedience and love it so flavoring tastes | when life because God then together or split it equally

obey transform suffering into a bitter joke and laughter | obey always offering a smile hard to be happy

no differently live alone or live together as long as there obedience | who could obey his own when he is ready for marriage

because it is a destination wedding in the worship of God | the single abiding certainly deserve to get married

obedience will bring him to every effort to make a living | obedience which brings man responsible for the mandate

obedience will make him patient husband | wife who forgive shortcomings and help toughen

obedience would make dad proud nan role model | can always be relied upon to protect his family again

obedience to God does not make the perfect man | but still will be missed by the whole house and the anticipated absence

as a devout man trying to keep every commandment of God | and every command of God is the source of goodness and happy

the lucky woman who gets the man obeyed the Lord | because he is the glory and honor of his wife because of his Lord

but not interested in men obedient except with the same woman obedient | because he 's such hate and love only because God

they do not exist in the musical let alone on the dance floor | buried their faces in prayer or in sheets of Al - Quran

occasionally they scream on the way to speak the truth | next time his parents met when his voice be low

Oral devout man away from her teasing and always in custody | she is interested when discussing propaganda and late in the fight

but at the right time they will drop a heart | the woman who could be invited to fight to the death

one time they would choose a woman by his side | that not only accompany but remind heaven

the devout man who was not there that need to worry | lust when she was able to overrun let alone a living?

And if there is a test God gave the devout family man who led this | but then everything would lead to happiness again

because it is difficult and sad perceived as obedient to Allah | would be a story full of jokes into a beautiful favor

but deliciously adulterous moment when God | on the future regrets lifetime so unfortunate

devout men are inappropriate when he accompanies himself | but who dared to engage in immoral for the sake of momentary pleasure he regrets

there is no love in obedience except by way of marriage | forever hence there would not be obedient men and dating

marry immediately or soon desist | appropriated yourself then go to the guardian | the new man obedient and brave

Bangkit Tensai : " As with anything you write the word love , the ink will fade when love comes to you "

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Interesting post!

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