MOM - Made Of a Miracle

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Today is my mother`s birthday and would like to thank her for all she has given to me . It is a minimum effort which I can do on my part . I would like that all readers to read and think upon this article and also comment their views .

MOM - Made Of a Miracle

On the eve of my mother`s 53rd birthday , I was thinking about the amount of her lifetime that she has given to me and my sister. I realized that almost half of her life she has devoted it to us. It will not be wrong to say that a mother passes a part of her life to her children. All the moments which are delightful for us become moments of happiness for her as well. A sad face of her child is never tolerable to a mother. Even if a mother is happy at a particular moment and the child is upset over something , she controls her excitement and shares her kid`s sadness. According to Shakespeare`s saying of this world as a stage play and we all as its characters. I only see the character of a mother that never changes. It only evolves. Everyone except her changes with the changing circumstances. But a mother is like a flowing river that never changes its behaviour in its course. Some emotions change likewise the current of water changes but she gets attached to her child as the river gets to the land beneath it. The course in our life includes of many happy and sad moments. A mother is like a boat in which we sail easily through the happy moments and then she is also like a rescue boat which helps us to get out of the troubled waters of our life. Even when we become mature enough and try to handle our affairs in our own way, she always stands by us. Sometimes at this moment we forget the value of our mother. At this moment when we should be thankful to her for all the sacrifices she has made for our happiness. Some in us start objecting her for making interference in our personal lives. I am happy about the fact that these kind of persons constitute a very less percentage of the total , but I think we should thank our mothers more often. It is not that a mother needs our appreciation for all the things she does for us , but sharing our happiness with her is all she need. So , through this article I would like to THANK my mother and request all you after reading this , start sharing your happiness with her and always talk to her politely. In the end I would like that all of us should be like a plant seed which is nourished and is maintained by a gardener when the seed (we) is small and when the seed grows into a tree , it gives shade to the gardener (mother) when he/she is old.


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author avatar tafmona
21st Nov 2014 (#)

thanks a lot for sharing this

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author avatar Manjot1469
22nd Nov 2014 (#)

Welcome Tafmona :)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Dec 2014 (#)

Childbirth is a rebirth for the mother. When the child is born, a mother too is born. A child can never match the compassion and affection shown by the mother. Good tribute, Minjot - siva

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