Magic, secrets and an energy force

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We live in a time where magic is in our faces. The hocus pocus we see on television daily, seems to be growing more popular with each year that passes. But what is real magic? Is there a universal energy force which can be tapped into, keep reading to find my take on the subject of magic and energy.

Real magic

From way back in ancient times, knowledge has always been power. In the early days people used magic as a way of advancing ahead in life. I am not talking about magic as we know it today, not the hocus pocus stuff we see on the television that is so popular these days. But real magic, activities like writing, music and science.

Magic in practice

Thousands of years ago people found out the power of these things, things today we take for granted in our scientifically advanced world. Music had the power to move, the power to shake up the spirits inside. It could bring the toughest man to tears, and had the collective power to unite a feeling of wholeness within a certain setting such as the church. People new full well the power of writing and the power of words. Words have awesome power, they can release truth and freedom, yet they can deceive and oppress depending on their use.

This is maybe why writing was so appropriately named spelling, as spells were cast as people wrote. It is not hard for a learned person to see how science could be seen as magic in the past. As the scientific advances gradually came to human kind, opening up new wonders and miracles never before seen by human kind. Indeed alchemy in ancient history was known as part of the black arts, and has been credited now with advancing chemical science of today's modern age.

The energy force

Occultists have been talking of other forms of magic for many years. Indeed one of the biggest ideals inside the new age and spiritual movements of today, is the idea of an energy force flowing not just in the human body, but in the atmosphere of the earth as a whole. These studies have revealed some very interesting facts, such as the ionosphere, the crust around the earth holds energy which is the same frequency as the energy in the human body.

Different cultures have been talking about this energy force, and in fact trying to use it long before we knew it was there or could measure it. The ancient Chinese came up with Chi, trying to harvest and use this magical force. Black and white witches have been talking about this unseen force for a long time, with Occultist like Manly P Hall trying to bring it to the public's attention through his many writings and lectures.

It was a man named Walter J Kilner who first brought this idea into the medical industry. He was the first person to create the term human aura, although as we can see the idea of a halo or energy force had been around a long time before then. The Human Atmosphere by Walter J Kilner, free online reading.

So does magic exist?

Yes it does, magic has been with us for a long time. It has been used to empower as well as oppress. It has advanced human evolution Indeed many now believe that the notorious historic figure Jesus, was in fact well taught in the ways of the magic arts. Leading to him to being able to fool people, into believing his miracles were real. One thing is for sure, and that is that the popular notion of magic today is wrong, what most see as magic is nothing more than hyped up mass produced garbage. Real magic exists in the mind of the enlightened, the person who has had his eyes opened to the internal power of the universe.


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author avatar spirited
8th Apr 2015 (#)

This is a very informative article Micheal.

I liked your link to writing, spelling and magic too. I agree, words are powerful, and so is music. The magic of today is indeed cheap tricks.

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author avatar M G Singh
14th Apr 2015 (#)

Very informative. Magic is a real harnessing of human energy and the Tantra is its biggest exponent

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Jul 2015 (#)

Real magic is not what we see performed to hoodwink people. It is a sublime art harnessing the creative force for our betterment.

Thought provoking share, thanks Micheal - siva

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author avatar micheal
7th Jul 2015 (#)

thanks siva

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