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Many Lives, Many Masters is a true story. It involves a known psychiatrist and his female patient and how he helped her through past life therapy. This entire incident changed both their lives.


Many Lives, Many Masters is a true story. It involves a known psychiatrist and his female patient and how he helped her through past life therapy. This entire incident changed both their lives. Past life therapy was not something that was practiced at that time.

Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D., a traditional psychotherapist, had graduated from Columbia University and Yale Medical School. He spent years in the study of human psychology, and had training his mind to think as a scientist and a physician. Then in 1980, he met his 27-year old patient, Catherine, who had come to seek help for her anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias. He was jolted at what unfolded in the following therapy
Sessions. His conventional approach and thoughts of psychiatry were blown away. He came face to face with the concept of reincarnation and the many aspects of Hinduism, which he thought only Hindus practiced.

Dr. Weiss used conventional methods of treatment, for 18 months, to treat Catherine so that she could overcome her traumas. But nothing happened. Then he tried hypnosis, which is an excellent way to help a patient remember long-forgotten incidents, a state of focused concentration. Following the instruction of a trained hypnotist, the body of the patient relaxes, and the memory begins to sharpen… bringing forth memories of long-forgotten traumas that were disrupting their lives or impacting their lives.

The doctor initially regressed her to early childhood. She brought out isolated, deeply-repressed memory fragments from the age of five when she had swallowed water and felt gagged when she was pushed from a diving board into a pool. Then she recalled that at the age of three, when her father reeking of alcohol molested her one night. But what came next made Dr. Weiss believe in parapsychology. He recalled that in the Shakespeare's play of Hamlet in Act I scene 5, The statement is made that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Recalling Past Lives

Recalling past Lives

Catherine then went on to recalled her past life memories, which proved to be the main cause of her recurring nightmares and anxiety attack symptoms. In a series of trance-like states, she recounted her living 86 times as a human in different places on this earth as a male and as a female. She clearly recalled each birth – her given name, her family, appearance, the area where she stayed, and how she was killed by drowning, stabbing, or illness. The interesting thing was that in each life time she experiences events making progress towards fulfilling all the agreements / and all of the Karmic (from Hindu concept of Karma) debts that are owed.

Channeling messages from the Masters

However, she also began to channel messages from “the space between lives” (time between one death and another birth), messages from the many Masters (these are highly evolved souls not presently in body) who made revelations about his family and his dead son. Earlier during treatment of his many patients he had heard his patients talk about near-death experiences (NDE) when they had floated out of their bodies and were guided towards a bright white light before they reentered their discarded body.

Voices From The Masters

Voices of Master Spirits

Here are some of the teachings that were received from the voices of the Master Spirits:

1. We have assignments to learn and become God-like through knowledge then we can rest, and then come back to teach and help others.

2. God is in each of us, we have to realize this. We are all Gods.

3. We progress at different consciousness planes at different times. This depends upon how far we have progressed spiritually

4. We are to share our knowledge with other people. The abilities we possess are far beyond what we are using. Do check your vices, these you carryover with you to your next life. When you master them then they will not be with you in your next life.

5. The path of each one of us is the same. We are to learn charity, hope, faith, love and know them well

6. Everything is energy. We can only see the outside, but not the inside, the depth. To be in physical state is abnormal. To be in the spiritual state is natural to you. When we are sent back from there to earth, it is coming back to not knowing (subconsciously you know). The spirit world is a dimension like the other dimensions, when you reach there, you have to wait your time and then you get charged/ renewed.

7. Fear of death remains with us. No money or power can neutralize this fear. If people know that life is endless and we never die we are never really born then this fear would disappear. Countless times before we have lived and would live countless times again there are spirits around us to help us while in physical state and in spiritual state after death.

8. Violence and injustices against people are noticed and repaid in kind in next lifetime.

9. Everything comes when it must come. Life cannot be rushed; we must accept what comes to us at a given time. Life is endless and we just pass through different phases. Concept of time is not as we see it but is in lessons that are learned.

10. We get to the spiritual plane, after death. There we keep growing too. We reach there exhausted, drained and have to undergo a renewal stage. We also go through a learning stage and a decision stage. A decision is taken when to return, where to return, and for what reasons to return. Our body is just a conduit for us while our stay here. Our soul/ our spirit on the other hand last forever.

Reincarnation / Rebirth

Dr. Weiss believes, that under hypnosis, his patient was able to concentrate on the part of her subconscious mind that stored past-life memories, or she somehow tapped into the Collective Unconscious, which is the energy source that surrounds us containing the memories of the entire human race.

Reincarnation in Hinduism
The concept of rebirth, cycle of life and death, and this divine knowledge is natural for Hindus. The holy ‘Bhagavad Gita’ and the ancient Vedic scriptures contain this wisdom; the teachings form the primary tenets of Hinduism. Dr. Weiss’s mention of Hindus acknowledges a religion that has already established all of his new-found experience.

Reincarnation in Buddhism
His Holiness the Dalai Lama says that his body is like a garment, which he will discard and move on to accept another. He will be reborn, and it will be the duty of his followers to find him.

Reincarnation in Christianity
Dr. Weiss says that there were references to reincarnation in the Old and the New Testaments. The early Gnostics like Clement of Alexandria, Origen and Saint Jerome, etc believed that they had lived before and would again. It is said that in A.D. 325, the Roman emperor Constantine the Great and Helena, his mother, removed references to reincarnation in the New Testament and the Second Council of Constantinople declared reincarnation a heresy in A.D. 553. Their contention was that it would weaken the growing power of the Church by giving humans too much time to seek salvation.



Many Lives, Many Masters makes for an unstoppable read and, I read this book a few years ago. Though many things stated in it may not be palatable to many but these things do happen. Past Life Regression is a fully fledged treatment these days and people do recollect their past lives.

I do Reiki and it helped me go back into my past life. I wanted answers as to why I was scared of driving a car since the age of 17 years (though I had learned to reverse it park it etc but could not take it on the road till I learned driving again when I was 40 plus years old.). Another reason was the pain I used to get in my right leg as if it was not so strong what was the cause. As far as I was concerned there was no reason for these two issues.

Anyway, Reiki and meditation took me to my previous life. I was driving a sports car very fast on a country road and a Rolls Royce black in colour brushed past my car coming from the opposite direction. The driver managed to control his sturdy car but since mine was a sports car I could not control it. I was about 35 years of age at that time and was not an Indian.

The car I was driving was a very expensive one ( My son checked on the net, there were only 6 such red coloured sports cars made that year).

My car hit a tree or a rock ahead and I felt the pain of the right leg being crushed as well as my death in the accident. A newspaper with a court of arms (lions) was besides me on the passenger seat and I could see the year 1954.



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I do believe in Re-Incarnation, though, one should not keep on thinking of these things for very long!

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Hmm, it varies from person to person. Reincarnation is for saints. normal humans just have rebirths.

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keep it up .i am all eyes on your write ups.hope to knew more and more.All the best

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