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Here are a few things about me that I cherish, and of course there is more but let's stick to these for now ?

TOP 10

*so I love sleeping, and if I am interrupted without my permission, its a problem.

*I am not big on trying new things, but if you get me to do it, you must really be important to me.

*I am very shy yet the craziest and weirdest girl alive. (if only my mind was a book, I would make you pee on yourself..seriously)

*I am very quiet and love a peaceful atmosphere/ area (nature, beach, parks, night, silent prayers, anything quiet i love)

* big imagination..which makes me pretty creative and talented.

*Jesus and I have the biggest love story and I think its better than Love and Basketball, you would cry, I do.

*I love simple fashion: neat tee, jeans, shoes r sneaker shoes…throw a cardigan or scarf on and out the door! I LOVE simplicity with everything. A simple guy makes me smile

*Why do little girls think I am their age?? I’m not worried so much about you!

* oh and girls stop fronting, don’t act a certain way cause your friends are around. let’s be realistic you like him and afraid to say so cause your friends think otherwise.

*did I say I’m weird??

* my favorite hymnal is The Blood that Never loses its it a hymnal ?? I don't know but I love it.

Following 10

* I kinda like being the only girl. I don’t see myself having a female in the house now that my big sis went away.. i mean we are blood sisters.

* I love my dad and mom. I want to give them a vacation together God’s willing maybe all three of us haha just to annoy them.

* I’m big on love. I love loving people and I love love..its beautiful.

*been cutting down on nail ain’t all that anymore and i HATE tips!!

* I just wanna play a sport… it makes me happy

* I think too much…sometimes too hard when things are sometimes simple..(yet i love simplicity)

* I love testimonies and sharing them, its a faith-builder and it’s just so awesome to talk about an awesome God.

* I bite my nails but i promise you I don’t swallow them anymore after I heard it cant cause my releasing to be painful! OH EM GEEE!!!

* I love colorful accessories but hate colorful clothes..hey it makes my wardrobe set a bit more easier to mix around.

Following 13

* why am I always watched when I walk??… awkwarddd… I know I am watched because I always look back at the person.

* I am very observant and I know if I wanna get to know you just by how you say hi to me or someone else. it’s called experience.

* I hate when someone lie to me about what I already know…busted much??

* I’m just blogging sharing random things about me if you care to read if not..bye..

*I’ve been having the toughest week ever and God has really been there. I realized that sabbath morning. Took me a week. sad.. but He is so loving and comforting.He deserves just A continuous non-stop praise forever and ever!!!

* I have a secret fetish for bowties and scarves..hey i like things around my neck?? not leashes though, thats freaky.

* I finally got over a guy I had a crush on for 5 years last year, when I realize what he was really about. very saddening..

*oh I got a crush on a dude who is currently over seas and he is totally different from ^^ ( the last dude i was crushing) and is so hilarious.

* I crush but I barely think about boys cause im so busy with school. I want to be successful. I feel so lefted out when girls talk about guys..I could care less lol.

*When Jesus that will be the BEST day ever…I will be singing Rev 12:3 over and over and over!! and maybe a lil of Psalms 24 ?

*I’ve never been in love, I just thought i was. I actually can be very selfish. (sorry??)

* i love my nose :0)

* i love blogging and sharing things with anyone, i know I am inspiring just someone.. and everyone loves to inspire and to be inspired.

* I kinda like being me..but I love the fact that God still sees me with much more potential from who I am already. God knows me more than I know myself… thats deep.


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