Many reasons to avoid voting for Trump: he's a goof

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There are way too many reasons to avoid voting for Trump. He's such a nuts and a goof ball, womanizer that I'm afraid, he's far from helping the US get back in shape. I mean he has no experiences in politics and he knows little to do his job. Ha, at least Hillary has many years of experiences.

He's a goof

There are many people that are saying that Trump will not be a good president. I also think so too. What do you think? Why
is he a good candidate? I don't think he's going to be a good candidate because like many criticism, he's a man of self interest
and he couldn't careless about the poor and the needy and the needs of others but more so for himself. He sounds as if he hates illegal
immigrants and dislike others ethnic groups because he calls President Obama that Afro president and so on. If you look at a person's past,
you can predict a lot about them. You can look at his business tactics, bankrupcy, divorce, fraud, self-interest, and so on and see what kind of person
he is. It looks like he makes other take the burden and he will bail out safely.

Yes, he's a smart man that plays it well.
When it comes to being King of a country, ones need to be compassionate toward all lives and issues and not just himself. I guess its safe to say so.
What is your standard of a king? Back in the days, they have high standards for kings you know. The king must be graceful and highly intelligent in order
to be King and to rule the people. In China, they believe that the Kings are heaven mandated, meaning they're so superior of normal people. But I see Trump
as a normal being with tons of needs to be fullfilled for himself and he might just forget about you and I. He loves beautiful women with large breasts that are models.
So, when will he look at the single mothers who need help getting jobs or even emphathize with them. All he sees are big DDDs, long legs, open and so on. I mean is that
the kind of man you want to be your king? Do you want a womanizer, self-interest, selfish, discriminatory, fraudulent guy to become King of the country.
I use the word King because yes, president is just like King so lets look at it that way and raise your standard. Is he graceful, compassionate, and highly intelligent?
Or is he like ones of those Clinton that will lose his mind quick when Monica seduces him in the White house? And omg, can you imagine his wife becoming the first lady.
She will persuade all of us girls to get triple DDDs and plastic surgery and just be easy and dumb. Come on, America, you need to raise your standard for presidency.
Having a few billions would not necessary make you an awesome president.

He has no experiences in politics

I mean I think someone like facebook ceo Mark Zuckerburg is a much better candidate than Trump
because he's highly intelligent, compassionate and spends lots of him time on giving away his wealthy. Or maybe Bill GATE IS awesome or maybe Steve Wynn is a better candidate.
I'm just not relating to Trump. He's a goof ball and not to be taking seriously like most are saying about him. He doesn't come with political experience like Hillary.
Hillary has many years of expereinces in politics and it does count. Experiences count in everything. She's compassionate and willing to help out others and talk about
umpopular issues. She doesn't seem like that stuck up type who only worry about themselves. Come on, the woman has a law degree as a background and that is desirable in politics.
What does Trump understand about the legal system, politics, and history and so on. He has no experience whatsoever. If you put a no experience guy they will screw up everything.
I'm sorry but Google it for yourself, way too many reasons to avoid Trump. He can't even use complicated vocab to make himself sound like a potential president. I see all of his speeches
as goofy like for comedy central.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Oct 2015 (#)

Trump think running for president is just a show and in the last debate he showed off his inexperience and lack of knowledge.

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