Maps and Chipper – Reading from the Front, Part 2

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Maps and Chipper – Reading from the Front, Part 2, Victoria takes a quiet walk

Maps and Chipper – Reading from the Front, Part 2

Reading from the Front - Part 1

Victoria straightened her favourite long coat, brushing it down her sides whilst casting admiring glances at it in her long length Mirror. At her side sat Frostbite, her father`s trusty Alsatian Dog. In Frostbite`s mouth hung a long and stout lead, he looked at Victoria longingly.

Victoria finished her preening and returned the Dog`s gaze. Frostbite wagged his tail with enthusiasm and presented the slightly wet lead to Victoria, who accepted it gratefully.

The path from the Village by the Sea to an area of open Heathland a little inland, was bordered on either side by thick and often high hedgerows, on this early Summer morning, the Hedges sang to the Birdsong, and hummed to the buzz of busy Bees. Victoria smiled as she delighted in the beauty of an English Summers Morning. Frostbite sniffed and enthusiastically pulled at the leash, he was in his element and loving every single moment of the gay abandon of a wonderful walk with his favourite play mate.

In the open Heathland, Victoria found a sizeable stick and mustering all of the strength she could, threw stick into the Heath. Reaching down, she unleashed Frostbite. Frostbite raced after the stick and deftly picking it up in his mouth returned it to Victoria. Frostbite was a well-trained and obedient Dog, he sat in front of Victoria and presented the stick in the most polite manner. Victoria accepted the present and whirled it above her head before, once more she released it into the Heath. Frostbite leapt over the undergrowth and with his tail still wagging, he picked up the stick.

He was just about to return to Victoria when something grabbed his attention. With little regard for the preservation of his impeccable training, he raced away into the far undergrowth.

“FROSTBITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, screamed Victoria, but the Dog had a higher cause and chose to ignore the pleading of his beloved Victoria.

Arnold was still inside the Pigeon loft. His hunger drove him to capture two large and very fine birds. He placed them carefully into a bag, and looked for more. Arnold left the loft with at least six, maybe seven birds in his bag.

Arnold vowed to keep the best looking birds, they may well come in handy, some day. He hauled the bag all the way back to his small wooden house by the woods. Pushing the door open, Arnold was surprised to see a tired and very weary looking Bardufloss sitting next to the fireplace.

“How on earth did you get in here?”, inquired the mysterious Arnold.

“It was easy”, declared Bardufloss. “You left the Door wide open!”.

Arnold had developed a really rather unSpy-like habit of forgetting things.

“It must be old age!”, he giggled.

The two fatefully thrown together friends, sat and chatted whilst the kettle brought the water to the boil.

Raincoat Mackintosh contemplated his next story, he loved the idea of brave British lads flying into all manner of danger, having a scrap or two and returning home to their devoted crews and colleagues. This day he had been promised a flight with General Michaels, a stout Irish Army Corps commander, the sort of commander that would embrace the aeroplane as a machine that could project his force into the heat of the battle and come out the other side covered in some sort of glory. Oh Yes General Michaels was a Hero in the making.

“Right ho, away we go!”, barked General Michaels.

The roar of the aero engine was deafening as the aeroplane rose from the ground with gusto! Raincoat desperately tried to scribble notes in his book, but the wind and the noise prevented him from getting anything useful down on paper. Raincoat tried to imagine this larger than life general leading the troops into battle, his inspiring voice and fearless demeanour propelling the fear of everything into the hearts of his men. Raincoat`s imagine was running wild when all of a sudden…..the engine stopped.

Maps had heard the approaching aeroplane and was scanning the sky for a sight of the flyer. The sudden loss of sound made him replace his fork on the remains of his Rabbit stew and move his full attention skywards. Tapping Chipper on the shoulder he also brought the attention of his friend to the sadly not so unusual occurrence.

From over the crest of the wooded area beyond the Cricket pitch appeared a silent and rapidly descending aeroplane, inside a large man and a screaming back seater could just be made out.

Following an almighty crash and cacophony, the bits of the aeroplane that had broken off and taken flight on their own crashed with lesser force back to earth. Maps wandered over in the direction of the aeroplane, apprehensive for he knew not what he would find.

“Everyone alright?”, Maps shouted in the direction of the smouldering wreck.

“Alright?”, was the reply. “Alright?..Never felt better”.

The General had lost no enthusiasm at all, he leapt from the aeroplane and heartily shook Maps` hand.

“Michaels”, the general announced.

“Medlicott, sir”, Maps replied. “Although most people call me Maps”.

“Most people call me, Sir, although sometimes I doubt very much that they mean it!”, quipped the General.

Raincoat was levered from the wreckage by Chipper and few of his mates, Raincoat`s conversation was not as energetic as his Pilot`s had been.

“Well, Well, Well!”, announced Chipper. “If it isn’t that ghastly reporter fellow we spoke to last week”.

Frostbite was on to something. The pace of his chase had left poor Victoria behind, she sat quietly on a dry patch of ground, and sobbed.

“Frostbite!, please come back!”.

A distant bark, alerted victoria to the continuing chase. Victoria raised her tired limbs once more and half-jogged toward the sound of the barking Dog.

Victoria found Frostbite at the door to a shack on the edge of a small wood. Frostbite would not give up the barking, and Victoria suspected that someone inside might be hurt. She knocked as politely as she could on door, but no-one replied. Pushing at the door, she found it crack ajar. Frostbite immediately stuffed his nose into the space left by the door, and with a mighty shove he opened the door and leapt inside.

Victoria followed. She could not have been more surprised if the inside of the shack had housed a Symphony Orchestra.

“Get that Dog off me!”, screamed Bardufloss.

“Oh my goodness, its you!”, replied a startled Victoria.

At that moment, Arnold made a break for the door and was followed into the woods by Frostbite. Suddenly Victoria and Bardufloss were once more alone and staring each other in the eye.

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20th Jan 2012 (#)

compelling story.

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Thank you for the encouraging comment! It is appreciated.

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Very well stated

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author avatar David Gubbins
21st Jan 2012 (#)

Thank you for the encouraging comment! It is appreciated

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