Maps and Chipper – Reading from the Front, Part 3

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Maps and Chipper – Reading from the Front, Part 3 - Continuing the story

Maps and Chipper – Reading from the Front, Part 3

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“Raincoat” Mackintosh was enjoying a casual walk through the Heathland, enjoying the flowers and birdsong. His attention was inevitably drawn to the sound of a Dog barking, proceeding at speed in that direction he became increasingly aware of a hissing sound. Looking around he couldn’t for the life of him decide what was making the noise, he stopped his pursuit of the Dog and stood motionless, listening intently to the hissing sound, which was becoming louder and louder. Suddenly he was aware that the heat from the Sun had diminished, looking up his heart froze, a large silver cylindrical object was descending into the heath.

A few hundred yards away, Frostbite the Dog stopped snarling and looking up his fearsome demeanour turned to a gentle whimper. Inside the Hut, Victoria and Bardufloss stopped glaring at each other, they both ran to the door and pushing and shoving each other, they looked up at the huge Zeppelin as it made its approach to the Heath. Suddenly the four mighty engines on the Zeppelin burst into life with a deafening roar, the Zeppelin decelerated and began to hover whilst descending.

At a reasonable sort of height, ropes ladders were dropped from the Zeppelin. Bardufloss immediately ran in the direction of the ladders. Arnold also saw the significance of the escape he had been offered and ran. Victoria looked in the direction of Frostbite, who looked back. Frostbite took off in pursuit of Arnold, Victoria took off in pursuit of Frostbite, “Raincoat” took off in the direction of the Zeppelin and his latest story.

Maps and Chipper were busily engaged in squadron duties a few miles away, Maps was cleaning his boots, Chipper was dreaming of Victoria. The peace and tranquility of their was shattered by the order to fly.

“Fly?”, enquired the ever inquisitive Maps.

Soon the two were seated in the nearest aircraft, the propeller was spun and the engine had burst into life. Neither had much of a clue about what they were to do once airborne. A Sense of Duty was the only motivation for getting airborne. Soon they were climbing aimlessly. After a matter of minutes, another Flying machine joined them, flying a matter of meters from their wingtip. The occupant of the other aircraft was vigourously gesticulating, pointing to an area on the ground to the south of their position. Maps scanned the area as best he could, his attention was drawn to a huge silver cylindrical object on the ground. The cylinder looked to be several hundred meters long, the sun reflecting on its silver skin. The two aircraft nosed down and dived in the direction of the cylinder.

Bardufloss easily out ran Victoria and grabbed the nearest ladder, his strength depleted by a diet of nuts and berries, he struggled to haul himself up the ladder. Arnold also made a ladder, he had barely hung on when a great pain gripped him. Frostbite had taken a large chunk of Arnold’s leg and was hanging on for all he was worth.

“Raincoat” arrived in time to also grab a ladder, and as the Zeppelin’s engines roared once more and began to ascend, Victoria also grabbed a ladder. The Zeppelin was now beginning a climbing turn, the men on board pulling at the Ladders.

One of those men asked if the captain really wanted him to continue pulling, and under the strictest of orders, he hauled Arnold and Frostbite onboard. Victoria was easily hauled in, her light weight made for easy work. Bardufloss remained dangling, his strength diminishing with every rung of his ladder. “Raincoat” easily mounted the ladder, and unseen he entered the interior of the Zeppelin.

Swooping down from on high, Maps and Chipper observed the goings on. The pilot of the companion flying machine was still gesticulating, making the sign of a gun with his hands he urged Maps to fire on the Zeppelin. Maps looked for the gun, but his was a training machine and had no guns on it. Maps held his hands out to indicate the embarrassing lack of guns onboard, but the other Pilot just gesticulated more.

Bardufloss had finally hauled himself aboard, where he found the captain admiring Victoria.

“What a catch!”, he exclaimed in a terribly broken and heavily accented English. Victoria returned his gaze with a little less admiration. Arnold arrived on board to rear of the gondola, still screaming in pain. Frostbite on discovering that there was solid ground beneath him once more, eased his bite and began to growl and bark. The captain looked alarmed at the site of the Dog, Arnold tried to placate the Dog, Victoria ran to the Dog’s side, and “Raincoat” crept undetected to ward the commotion.

Suddenly and without warning the Zeppelin creaked and lurched to one side, throwing the occupants against the walls.

Maps and Chipper watched with alarm as the Pilot of the other machine flew to close to the Zeppelin and impacted with a crunch into the Rudder of the mighty silver cylinder. Maps and Chipper watched their companion slowly descending in a circular motion toward the Heath below.Maps and Chipper were now alone with the Cylinder. Flying carefully alongside, Chipper could see the people gathered in the Gondola.

“Victoria!”, shouted Chipper.


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