Maps and Chipper – Reading from the Front, Part 4

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Maps and Chipper – Reading from the Front, Part 4. A Zeppelin out of control and a Dog at the wheel

Maps and Chipper – Reading from the Front, Part 4

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Frostbite kept a very close eye on all of the new "Friends" he had made on the Zeppelin. His nose twitched, the hairs on the back of his neck stood upright and the constant snarl kept those ahead in fear and those behind reassured.
Outside, and a few meters off the port bow, Maps and Chipper pondered their next move. Maps's constant flapping of his arms, pointing and glaring was matched by Chipper's mouthing of words and shrugging of his shoulders. To be fair, those aboard the Zeppelin could see the problem. The Zeppelin was adrift, out of control and at the mercy of the wind. The flying machine outside was unarmed, and even if it were armed the people aboard were far to precious to shoot. Below the English countryside sailed past gracefully, the inhabitants of the villages and towns unaware of the drama unfolding over there heads.
Maps wondered what on earth Chipper was shouting at him. He stopped his pointing for a second and concentrated hard on his friends mouth. He let go the controls of the aeroplane momentarily to lean over the coaming to see if he could hear. The normally very stable training aircraft was then suddenly caught in an updraft that sent it soaring high above the Zeppelin. Maps gasped. Both men felt there stomachs lurch from the normal position. On regaining a modicum of poise, both men looked at one another, all had gone very silent.
The captain of the Zeppelin was a very level headed sort of fellow. One would imagine that the ability to command a 200 meter long bag full of gas, over a hostile country, at the pace of very slow aeroplane, required all the level-headedness a man could possess. He regarded the inclusion of a Beautiful Women and her Dog on board his vessel with mixed emotions. The lady - he liked. The Dog, and considering the large hole in Arnold's Trousers - he could be forgiven for a negative outlook of the beast, he was not so keen on. The state of his Zeppelin, controlless and drifting helplessly where ever the weather might take it, also left him with a sinking feeling. His crew gathered around him and to the surprise of the guests, they all opened a window.
The captain handed out rucksacks and shook each crew member by the hand. The crew donned the rucksacks and jumped through the open windows. Victoria and Frostbite, puzzled for a moment before looking at each other. They both then maybe relaxed at little, until another thump on the side of the Zeppelin drew their attention to the predicament they were in. Shortly more banging, ripping and crashing alert them both to a problem.
When the Engine had stopped Maps immediately heard the words Chipper was mouthing.
"Fuel!", he was screaming.
"Fuel?" replied Chipper.
Maps returned to the controls and with only the wind in the rigging to distract him, he decided the best course of action. Events, however, rather took on a course of their own. The Aeroplane descended gently to a stop on top of the Zeppelin. Maps and Chipper had little choice but to dismount and find a way in.
Little was known at the time about Zeppelins. Maps and Chipper had both heard of them, and knew that basically they were a bag of gas with a gondola. This was the first time they had ever seen one, let alone landed on one - whilst it was still flying. The situation was, it would be fair to say, not one they had ever trained for. Thankfully they were both fairly resourceful sort of fellows, and in a situation such as this - resourcefulness was probably a good quality to have.
As they contemplated their predicament, the Aeroplane began to slip. Maps as quickly as he could made his way to the machine and retrieved a rope. A quick look through the fuselage of the aeroplane revealed a grappling hook and some Chocolate. Maps took both.
The aeroplane refused to remain long on the top of the Zeppelin and slid to end over the side of the vessel.
"Raincoat" had observed the departure of the crew. He had been hiding on a small ledge at the back of the gondola. He had intended to see out the voyage on the ledge, but a passing aeroplane caused him to gasp. Frostbite heard the gasp and began to sniff around. Scared, "Raincoat" stood up.
"I came aboard with you and the others", he explained. "I was so scared, I just froze".
Frostbite barked at him, Victoria tutted at him. Both decided to leave him alone when he was safely inside the gondola.
Chipper stabbed the balloon with his trusty knife, and thankfully he hit nothing too serious. A rope was quickly attached to the internal structure of the Zeppelin.
Chipper had no seniority in the decision to climb down the rope first. The suddenly very sweaty hands slid as slowly as he could go down the sides of the vessel.
Frostbite barked. Victoria jumped.
A man outside was shouting at her.
She peered from the window and caught a glimpse of a familiar face.
"Chipper!", she screamed with delight.


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