Maps and Chipper – The Secret Aeroplane, Part 8

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Maps and Chipper – The Secret Aeroplane, Part 8, The game is afoot

Maps and Chipper – The Secret Aeroplane, Part 8

Victoria sat back in her chair by the make shift Pavillion, jealously guarding her Rabbit stew. She saw the aeroplane approaching before she could hear its clattering engine. It landed in the field just beyond the wood, and after a short time Sir Winston Winston-Frobisher appeared on the edge of the cricket field. He stood and admired the fun going on before him, before he advanced around the boundary and approached Victoria.

Out in the middle Maps had overcome his nerves and was now clattering the opposition bowlers to all parts of the field. Down at long leg the Balloon Regiment’s star bowler stood brooding, his ire and anger increasing with every swipe of Maps’s bat. Victoria felt a sense of pride in her friends heroic innings, she applauded as the sound of the ball on the bat rung around the field, occasionally dashing back into the Pavillion to stir the stew.

Another ball went crashing to the boundary before the captain of the Balloon Regiment signalled his star bowler. Throwing off his jumper he came running to the middle to collect the ball, which he proceeded to rub vigourously on his trousers. Like an angry bull he stood at the far end of his run and glared intently at Maps. Suddenly and with an exaggerated skip he was into his running, his arms were pumping at his side and the sweat from his brow flowed like rain behind his head. He leapt hugely into a delivery stride and the ball was on its way down the wicket. Maps now brimming with confidence took a stride towards the ball and with a flick of his wrists he sent the ball crashing into the boundary. Victoria jumped from her seat and applauded the magnificent stroke. The bowler stood in the middle of wicket, hands on hips and glared even more intently.

The next delivery was a brute that pitched short and angled in high and fast towards Maps’s head, Maps skillfully swayed out of its way before he strode down the wicket to tap his bat on another imaginary snake in the grass. The last ball of Maps’s innings was equally evil, it reared up into Maps’s chest, Maps got the edge of the bat on the ball, the edge diverted the ball away from his body, but straight into the hands of a fielder. Maps looked up at Chipper, Chipper looked back at Maps, but it was not his call to make. Maps tucked his bat under his arm, saluted the star bowler with his cap and trudged slowly back to the Pavilion.

He removed his protective equipment and went to consult the scorer. The scorer was an elderly and slightly short sighted man, he was a Barber by profession, but due to his short sightedness had seen his business decline in recent years.

“How many did I score?”, Maps asked the scorer.

“Well it could be either 98 or 102″, admitted the Scorer, I didn’t quite get the signal in the previous over.

“Lets call it 102″, Maps pleaded.

The scorer amended the score accordingly and Maps became the only centurion batsmen that the school had ever produced.

Maps’s next port of call was the Pavillion, to help Victoria with the Rabbit stew. Victoria was however deeply engrossed in conversation with Sir Winston. Maps’s happy face dropped at the sight of his beloved Victoria and the amorous Sir Winston deep in conversation. Maps made a B-Line for the two determined to put a stop to Sir Winston’s shenanigans.

“Excuse Sir Winston”, interrupted Maps, “I trust you will not be requiring Victoria for Dinner this evening, she is already engaged”.

Sir Winston took a pace back, he had never been spoken to in such terms before. However it was summer, the sun was shining and he really was not in the mood for an argument.

“Why, certainly not young man!”, Sir Winston apologised. “After the ear-bending she gave me last time, I would welcome the rest!”.

Victoria, Maps and Sir Winston regarded each other before breaking into a polite giggle.

The innings was quickly ended and the hungry players were soon all sitting at tables awaiting the main course. Maps and Victoria walked amongst the tables and served the most splendid Rabbit stew ever served at a Cricket Match. Victoria and Maps, having finished their duties, sat on opposite sides of the table next to Chipper and Sir Winston.

Small talk was being exchanged when the sound of an approaching aeroplane was heard.

“Gosh, that one is low”, exclaimed a startled Chipper.

“And Fast by the sounds of it”, Maps added.

Suddenly the noise became intense and a strange-looking aeroplane flew low overhead. Maps and Sir Winston watched the aeroplane go over, before continuing dinner. After a short pause the General caught Maps’s thoughtful gaze.

“Did you see what I just saw?”, Sir Winston asked.

“I think so”, Maps replied.

“Bloody strange marking on that aeroplane weren’t they, I wonder who on earth painted an aeroplane like that, we could use a painter with an eye like that around here”, Sir Winston announced.

Bardufloss was close to the point that had calculated that he should be climbing to begin his glide into the Secret Wood. He checked and then double-checked his instruments, his engine readings and his fireworks. With Everything in fine and in order he cut the engine.


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