Maps and Chipper – The Secret Aeroplane, part 7

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Maps and Chipper – The Secret Aeroplane, part 7, the Cricket begins

Maps and Chipper – The Secret Aeroplane, part 7

Wednesday morning on the Continental coast broke bright and sunny. Bardufloss pulled back the flap of his tent and smiled at the weather.

“Perfect!”, he announced to the birds, the clouds and a rather startled sentry guard.

Bardulfoss got himself ready for the day and went to wake his fellow pilots from their beds. The two remaining volunteers were soon up and about, stretching and doing the deep breathing exercises Bardufloss had prescribed to them. Suddenly an almighty commotion broke out on the airfield. Bardufloss and the pilots ran to the scene as fast as they could, there at the edge of the field in a small revetment stood a burning aircraft. Bardufloss’s aeroplane was soon burning merrily, the fireworks loaded in the cockpit shot across the airfield with a merry abandonment.

“That’s my aeroplane!”, screamed Bardufloss with anguish.

The other two pilots quietly retreated to the safety of a small hut and drew straws.

The loser would still be going, the winner would have to “sacrifice” his place on the raid, and give his aeroplane to Bardufloss. Moments later the two pilots appeared, one happy the other not so happy. Bardufloss true to his character, demanded the aeroplane of one of the other pilots, the winner duly offered his.

Victoria was busy in the kitchen preparing the tea for the cricketers. The Rabbit was prepared and the cucumbers sliced so thinly you could see through them.

Freddie was jogging around the camp taking the best wishes of his colleagues and fellow players. His large frame was an imposing sight, even if his Military issue short trousers left much to be desired.

Over Breakfast on the Veranda, Maps and Chipper were looking forward to the game ahead. Chipper was feeling much better and had been elected the Umpire for the home team. It was a role he was more than happy to fill, as any role that required that he was not in the line of fire was a good role. Chipper had taken a little time, whilst he endured his convalescence, to gen up on the laws of the game.

“Now you do know the laws of the game, don’t you?”, enquired Maps.

“Oh yes, my knowledge on Leg Before Wicket is second to none!”, replied a proud Chipper.

“Well actually old boy, I meant the real rules of the game”, Maps was suddenly convinced that his umpire had not learnt quite the correct rules.

“Real rules?”, Chipper was intrigued.

Maps then took a good half an hour explaining that each team had an umpire to even up the cheating that goes on. He began to instruct Chipper on the etiquette of Cricket Umpiring.

“Your team always gets the benefit of the doubt, any close calls go with your team”, Maps explained.

“But that is not Cricket”, protested Chipper.

“It may well not be Cricket, but just remember which team is more likely to buy your beer after the game!”, explained Maps.

Chipper got the point and sank into deep thought about how he could bend the rules a little to help his colleagues out.

Deep in Secret Wood the Boffins sat around aimlessly, they had been constantly arguing since the visit by the Ministry. In the Secret shed the test pilot paced about as the fate of the project swung from being feasible to being madness. The test pilot naturally had his own thoughts on the matter, but his opinion would form such a small part of the discussion that it seemed silly to offer an opinion at all. He could of course jump from the aeroplane if he felt things were getting out of hand.

That Wednesday morning seemed as normal as any Wednesday morning would have normally done. The sun was shining, the woods and fields were alive with the normal Wednesday morning things, even the boys delivering papers and goods were blissfully unaware of the danger at hand, just a few miles away in a field on the Channel coast.

Bardufloss called CONTACT and the propeller of his borrowed aeroplane was swung, the engine coughed and spluttered and finally with a jolt that shook the whole aeroplane, it burst into life. Bardufloss looked up at the fuel indicator on the top wing and smiled with satisfaction that it had indeed been filled to overflowing with precious fuel. He glanced to his left to see the same process being carried out on his colleagues aeroplane. That aeroplane also coughed and spluttered, but the jolt didn’t happen. A second time the coughs were heard and the splutters seen, but still no jolt. An Engineer was called and the engine began to be dismantled. Bardufloss watching this and seeing his fuel disappearing pointlessly, drove his aeroplane in to wind and advanced the throttle. The aeroplane gathered speed, Bardufloss looked across at his disabled colleague and saw the crowd that had gathered around the aeroplane all smiling and waving. Bardufloss grunted joylessly to himself and allowed his machine to carry him onward to the clouds.

Soon over the Channel, Bardufloss settled down for the long flight over the Channel. He checked and double-checked almost everything he could check and double-check. He monitored speeds, heights and fuel consumptions. He listened intently to the aeroplane about him, he felt satisfied that even in this intensely stressful moment his aeroplane seemed fine and was flying beautifully.

“Play”, called Chipper and the sport was begun.

From the Balloon team, a large and rather portly bowler began his run. Maps tapped the crease nervously. The bowler leapt into his delivery stride and delivered a thunderbolt of a delivery that Maps didn’t even see, let alone hit. Looking cool and calm Maps wandered down the wicket, prodding and poking at the grass, looking for the snakes that he believed dwelled in the wicket. The next two deliveries were also thunderbolts, one passed so close to Maps ear that he could hear the whistle of the air passing around the seamed ball. Maps resolved to be calmer, he knew he had been lucky so far. The next delivery was a toe crunching yorker that Maps tried desperately to avoid. The ball crashed into Maps’s leg pads, directly in front of the wickets.

“HOWZAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, screamed the bowler, looking directly at Chipper.

Chipper paused for a moment and looked at Maps, both he and Maps knew that that was out, and it looked out, and it was by any stretch of the imagination the most out a batsman could be without him looking around at the shattered stumps of a bowled batsman.

Chipper took a deep breath. looked at his dearest friend and announced to the field – NOT OUT!


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