Maps and Chipper – The Secret Aeroplane, part 9

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Maps and Chipper – The Secret Aeroplane, part 9, The Final part of the second story

Maps and Chipper – The Secret Aeroplane, part 9

The Boffins were just finishing their meeting. The kettle was on and about to boil, only one subject remained – Future Development.

“I have a strange suggestion that might help our lift problems”, announced Boffin No.7.

The room turned to look at the slightly embarrassed looking Boffin. He knew he would be out on a limb with this, and with the kettle whistling merrily away in the corridor, but carried on regardless.

“If we put another engine on the roof, pointing upwards with a huge propeller…we get the benefit of the downdraft from that propeller as well as the wings and engines!”. He explained.

There was a slight silence as the idea sank into the Boffins heads. Followed by a further, slightly longer pause, as the idea mixed around with all of the other brilliant ideas that revolved around in the heads of Boffins. The silence seemed interminable to Boffin No.7, he held his breath and awaited the inevitable ridicule.

“Young Boffin!”, the words from Boffin No.1 shattered the silence. “That is the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard!, the rotor I estimate would have to be so big that it would cut down any trees that stood nearby!”.

Boffin No.7′s head bowed, and he dropped into the depths of despair, how would he ever be able to contribute an idea again!

“That’s right”, ridiculed Boffin No.4. “People would start calling it a Chopper!”.

The room erupted into fits of laughter. Boffin No.7 got up and left the room with his tail firmly between his legs.

“Chopper!”, laughed his colleagues. “It’ll never catch on!”.

Boffin No.7 just made the door when something caught his slightly tearful eye.

Bardufloss had his eyes firmly on Secret Wood and the landing strip. He could finally see the Secret Aeroplane.

“My! that looks Fast”, he muttered to himself.

He checked and double-checked the compass, the airspeed and the Altitude and carefully monitored his gliding descent into the field. He smiled to himself when he saw that he had, as expected, achieved total surprise.

The Balloon Regiment had had a delightful lunch, and it was with a happy heart that they occupied their seats to enjoy the afternoon’s sport. Maps followed big Freddie onto the field, Freddie was raring to go, he was baying for the blood of the Balloonists. He was soon at the end of his run, putting the Balloonists opening batsmen firmly into his sights. With everybody settled Freddie began his run up.

As Freddie leapt high into his delivery stride and almighty bang was heard. Startled Freddie spun in midair in the direction of the noise, his outstretched arm catching Chipper squarely on the nose. The bang repeated and was accompanied by an even louder screech from Chipper. The game came to a sudden halt as the Bangs carried on. The Balloonists sensing imminent danger, ran as one to the woods to hide. Sir Winston dived into the nearest tented accommodation and slid deftly underneath a bed.

Victoria stood motionless, apparently deep in thought, she had remembered the strangely painted Aeroplane that had flown low overhead, not 20 minutes before. The School team seeing the panic of the more seasoned professional soldiers about them, also ran, but to a more substantial looking concrete hut.

Victoria, suddenly gripped with a Medical calling, started running towards the still screaming Chipper. She grabbed Maps by the collar on the way and the two of them, one running, one desperately trying to find some legs, ran to assist their fallen colleague.

As they reached Chipper the sound of a fast approaching aeroplane was heard.

Maps thought quickly, the commotion all around him suddenly disappeared and he stood to see the strange aeroplane nearing the Cricket field. Maps ran to pick up a bat, then ran to pick up a ball. The bat he held, the ball he threw to Victoria.

“Quickly Victoria, take aim and gently throw the ball at my bat!”, he ordered.

The gentle nurse dropped Chipper from her cradling arms, Chipper falling to the ground with a thump with yet another yelp. She stood and caught the ball.

Victoria carefully took aim and gently tossed the ball at the bat in Maps’s hands. Maps watched the ball arc from her soft and caring hands, through the air. He could see the seam turning as it carved its way towards him. With a great heave of the bat he struck the ball. The ball left his bat with a crack that reverberated around the county. The balloonists appeared at the edge of the wood to see the flight of the ball. The school team craned their heads around the side of the Hut. Sir Winston, tried to ease himself from under the bed, but found he had caught his braces in the frame of the bed and was stuck.

The ball made a gentle whistling sound as it made its way skywards, its trajectory seemingly on course for the strange, but brightly coloured aeroplane. The ball carried on and on, but appeared to be losing momentum. At the final moment when it looked for all the world as if it would fell the lone aeroplane, it stalled and began to fall earthward. Maps looked horrified to see that his best efforts were in vain. The Balloonists all retreated back into the woods with a groan. Maps’s head and shoulders slumped in disappointment.

Victoria had however seen another bat lying on the crisp green grass. She picked it up and shouted instructions to the prostate Chipper. Chipper had another ball in his white jacket, he fumbled slightly but eventually found the ball, grasping it firmly and holding it aloft. Victoria signalled Chipper. Chipper tossed the ball in Victoria’s direction. With a mighty swing of the bat, Victoria connected firmly with the ball.

The left her bat with speed. It whistled skyward. The Balloonists again appeared at the edge of the woods and watched, as one, the trajectory of this second missile. Maps stepped instantly from his gloom and too followed the flight of the ball. It appeared to be right on course, but did it have the legs.

Bardufloss was busy in his cockpit, checking and double-checking the direction home. He looked up to see that his glide had allowed him just enough fuel to get home. He began to relax and enjoy a job well done. Suddenly Bardufloss’s world was turned upside down. He heard a thud, then a crack, then an over-revving engine.

Victoria jumped up throwing the bat high into the air as she saw her shot hit the propeller of the strange aeroplane. Maps saw it too and ran to embrace her. The strange aeroplane went suddenly silent and began to head earthward. Chipper raised his bruised head to view the action and was cracked squarely on the nose by a carelessly discarded Cricket bat, he screamed the scream of the century as the bat bounced off his nose and landed with a thud at his feet.

The School team ran from the Hut, the Balloonists ran from the Woods and Sir Winston appeared from under the bed, looking slightly dazed.

Chipper lay almost motionless groaning.


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