Maps and Chipper - Episode 4, The Sea is in my Blood

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Episode 4 of Maps and Chipper, Chipper and his father in the Pub discuss Enlistment

The Sea is in My Blood

“Pilot Training!”, chuckled Charles McGraw.

The young recruit sighed once more as the third pint of the evening disappeared.

“Pilot training!”, Chuckled Simon Jones.

“Oh come on people! It was tough. All the offices looked the same, none had numbers and none had a sign on the door”. The young recruit looked inconsolable, but this did not deter his tormentors. “It was an easy mistake to make”.

Charles was the Father, a Carpenter by trade. A man whose hands showed every slip of the Carpenters knife, the scuffy hands of either a dedicated woodworker or a very bad woodworker. He sat on a stool by a bar, he had carved them both and was of a mind to tell anybody the happened upon the central Plymouth watering hole. Simon had just been discharged from the Army. He had survived six months in the trenches and made it home following his discharge. Simon was also taking the young McGraw place in the family carpentry business.

“Pilot Training!” he chuckled again. “Got to be better than six months in those damned trenches with the Plymouth Pals”.

“But I am a sailor!, always been a sailor, I have sea water in my veins, how could this happen?”. He wasn’t taking to his new career with the enthusiasm that his father would have liked.

“Now look son, this is war. We can’t all have the jobs we want, its us all mucking in together”. He father reasoned. “Besides, Aviation …its the future”.

“The future?” His son tried to question his father but the question was not retorical.

“Yes the future”, Simon confirmed.

Sipping yet more beer seemed to help the young man in his predicament. “I could always make a go of it and then volunteer for the Navy”. The idea perked him up and a slight smile came across his face.

“Thats the spirit” the elder McGraw seemed pleased at the change of heart.

“Get that beer down you and in the morning you’ll see things differently”.

Young McGraw settled back and looked across the bar at his drinking companions.

Time to drink up and to get off to War.

The next morning Father and Son were up early, waiting at the railway station for the London express. The Station master announced that hte train would be an hour late, much to the disgust of the Father.

“Right”, he said. “Get your bag, we’re walking!”

Young McGraw looked at the hefty pack of belongings, looked astonished in the direction of his father. “Its only an hour late!”.

“Yes that may be so, but the next station is only just down the road.”

“Down the road! it’s 10 miles!”

“What are you a man or a mouse”. Father would never make 10 miles an excuse for an hours delay.

And presently they crested the hill out of Plymouth and settled down for a 10 mile hyke to the next station.


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