Maps and Chipper - The Great(ish) Escape, Part 1

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Maps and Chipper - The Great(ish) Escape, Part 1, The first installment of the third story

Maps and Chipper - The Great(ish) Escape, Part 1

Charles was happily fishing with his dear friend Arnold when they both heard the commotion over the Cricket field. Arnold had been away for a few days, apparently visiting friends in Scotland. It seemed strange that he only ever appeared when something happened in the community.

Charles had actually been away as well, in London. He had had a few appointments in a small office just off Whitehall, a place renowned for its secrecy and strangely introverted personnel.

Arnold jumped up when he heard the aeroplane and made his way to a gap in the heavy hedgerow that lined the idyllic little river that ran by the side of the school. Charles looked to see if Arnold could see him, and satisfying himself that he was invisible, he placed a small transmitter in Arnold’s Fishing bag.

Bardufloss meanwhile was having a nightmare time in the cockpit of his strange but colourful aeroplane. The Engine had stopped, the propeller still turned but shook the very fabric of the aeroplane. Bardufloss tried to focus on a field in which to land, but the vibration from the unbalanced propeller was blurring his vision.

Sir Winston called Maps, Chipper and Victoria, and set off in the direction of the falling aeroplane. His legs carrying him as swiftly as the legs of a portly 58 year could carry a man. Maps had caught up with Sir Winston, when Victoria and Chipper came hurtling past on a bicycle they had commandeered. All four set off headlong looking for the place that would inevitably be the last resting place of the intruder.

Eventually the aeroplane hit terra firma, with a substantial bump, that tore the landing gear from the machine. The remains of the engine and propeller dug into the ground and turned the aeroplane over, depositing Bardufloss into the field. Bardufloss quickly checked and then double-checked that all his bits and pieces were in order, he found they were. He was just about to make his getaway when he heard a Dog barking.

“Ere…you”, shouted the Farmer. “What you doing dumping that thing in my field, I has got a good mind to call the police!”

Sir Winston had slowed to a walk, Maps was only slightly ahead of him, but had seen where the aeroplane had fallen. Victoria and Chipper were stuck at a level crossing, waiting for a train to pass.

“Oh bother!”, cried Victoria, as Chipper got down from his seat on the handlebars.

“You should really let me do the riding”, asked Chipper.

Victoria needed a break, she had had a busy day. Chipper mounted the saddle and Victoria climbed on to the perch on the handlebars. The 4:15 to Paddington chugged past at an annoyingly slow pace. Once it had gone, Chipper pushed off and began riding in the direction in which he had last seen the aeroplane.

Bardufloss froze solid. The Dog was stood menacingly in front of him, its teeth gnashing together, a cruel and vindictive growl completing the fearsome picture. Bardufloss didn’t like Dogs at the best of times, he had had a bad time with his Father’s Terrier when he was but a child.

“You damned Fly Boys think you own this county!”, shouted the Farmer. “You just wait till I get you back to camp, they’ll have your guts for garters, and be paying for all the damage you caused”.

Bardufloss was not in the slightest bit interested in ravings of a rapidly reddening Farmer, the Dog was now inches from his leg.

“Well!”, screamed the Farmer. “What you got to say for yourself?”.

Bardufloss could speak English quite well, but under the pressure of the situation, and believing that the Dog would any second make a tasty meal of his legs, English words failed him.

“Guten..uhm…Day”, he blurted out.

“I’ll give you guten bloody day, young man”, the irate farmer waved his Pitch Fork in the direction of the gate to the field, just as Sir Winston, Maps, Victoria and Chipper arrived.

“Ere…you know this bloke?”, asked the Farmer.

“Well not exactly, but we would love to have the opportunity to ask him a few questions”, Maps answered on behalf of the assembled crowd.

Bardufloss was duly frog marched back to camp, escorted by Victoria and Sir Winston on the bicycle and Maps and Chipper walking alongside the sad-looking captive. Behind Bardufloss a wild and eager Dog barked and growled at the captive, held from his prospective Leg Dinner only by a thin rope attached to the fuming Farmer.

A short way down the road, Arnold watched the entourage go past.

“I trust someone will tell his mother?”, Arnold shouted, Bardufloss acknowledged the coded message with a sly wink.

It took a short while before the group arrived at the school. Bardufloss had his jacket and shoes removed, security enough thought Sir Winston, for a captive so far from home. Sir Winston ordered a couple of men to go to his aeroplane and collect the barrel of beer he had stowed in the rear of the aeroplane for the after-game drinks he had planned.

With all becoming settled, Maps and Victoria slowly and secretly left the party and began to prepare for Dinner.


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