Maps and Chipper - The Great(ish) Escape, part 2

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Maps and Chipper - The Great(ish) Escape, part 2, Bardufloss takes flight..on foot

Maps and Chipper - The Great(ish) Escape, part 2

Victoria tingled with excitement as she admired herself in her best gown. Maps brushed his best uniform down, his shoes polished to a shine that reflected his face, Maps mused that he could very nearly shave in that reflection. Both were prepared for the most important night of their young lives to date.

Bardufloss had been feigning interest in the life story of Sir Winston Winston-Frobisher, he was fortunate that he spoke only some English. It gave him a perfect excuse to ignore the large proportion of Sir Winston’s dreary tale.

At the table sat a forlorn looking Chipper, his plastered nose had been put out of joint even more by his beloved Victoria, and his friend Maps enjoying Dinner together. He could only think forlorn thoughts which increased the pains he felt from the repeated blows he had suffered to his nose. All around him, his colleagues drank the first Beer many had drunk in many a day, or month. He longed for the company of his closest friends. Should he be torn between the friendship of these two wonderful people and the pea green envy he felt at their potential relationship? He though long and very hard and concluded that he could not make either alter their feelings for one another, and beside there would be another Victoria out there ..somewhere…for him. He pondered that thought for a moment, before concluding that even after being smashed repeatedly over his already broken nose by his beloved Victoria, she would always be his beloved Victoria. First love, he thought.

Sir Winston had almost finished his life story, when he felt the need to visit the smallest room in the house. He politely excused himself, Bardufloss nodded and maybe even slightly bowed to his overly vocal tormentor and captor. Sir Winston smiled a slightly awkward, even slightly beer-stained smile at his prisoner before he turned and made his way to his intended destination. Bardufloss watched Sir Winston’s portly frame disappear into the distance, looked around, and found himself completely alone.

Sir Winston returned from his duties to find his prisoner had moved.

“Well, I’ll be damned!”, exclaimed the Knight of the Realm. “I wonder where the devil he has gone”.

Sir Winston asked a few of the merry band of colleagues that were still sipping gently at the dregs of an almost empty barrel. They assured Sir Winston that Bardufloss must have gone to the little room as well. Sir Winston concluded that that must be the case, and pulling his hip flask from his sizeable jacket pocket, he began to drink himself to a stupor.

Bardufloss soon found himself in the adjoining Village. In the dark of the night, he had not seen the Parish Warden returning from an evening service. The two collided. The Warden looked at the this stranger, in a strange uniform, and concluded that there must be a party over at the school. He excused himself, Bardufloss returned the greeting and made off with haste into the night. The Warden watched him go and wondered why that stranger, in the strange uniform had such a strange accent. He put it down to a good night at the school and thought no more of the incident.

It was the School’s Guards that discovered Bardufloss’s flight. They arrived at the allotted hour to escort the Prisoner to his overnight Quarters. They found no prisoner, but did find several rather rowdy colleagues and a Knight of the Realm asleep under a table, smelling of a heavy liquor. Chipper, who was also not in the best of shape, was sobbing gently to himself, occasionally uttering the name of Victoria.

One of the Guards, well actually all of the Guards, they were a terribly sick lot of late, knew Victoria. The particular Guard, who had heard Chipper uttering Victoria’s name, had remembered that she had been seen leaving the School with Maps not so long ago. He concluded that they could not have got far, particularly given Victoria’s delightful attire. He ran as fast he could to the local Public House, to find Maps and Victoria about to embrace each other. The Guard grabbed Maps by the arm and dragged him away, leaving Victoria, arms wide and puckering for her first kiss.

“Emergency Sir, she will have to wait”, explained the Guard.

“Emergency? Gosh”, replied Maps barely disguising his abject disappointment at this most abrupt interruption to his long-planned courtship.

The Guard explained to Maps that everyone was drunk and the Prisoner had escaped.

“Is that all!” Bawled Maps. “What on earth do you expect me to do about an escaped Prisoner?”.

Maps was enraged and getting redder by the second, he was a bomb about to explode when the Guard was interrupted by Sir Winston’s slurred speech.

“It was that bloody Chipper that let him go, I will have that idiots guts for garters in the Morning”. Even in his drunken state, Sir Winston knew how to manipulate a young Officer.

Maps, horrified that his dear friend Chipper was in deep trouble, pledged to have that Prisoner back in the hutch before the press could hang Sir Winston out to dry. Sir Winston collapsed in a nearby chair, and snored the snore of a relieved man.


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