Maps and Chipper - The Great(ish) Escape, part 5

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Maps and Chipper - The Great(ish) Escape, part 5, A compass is never a good reference

Maps and Chipper - The Great(ish) Escape, part 5

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Bardufloss pushed on relentlessly on, through the night and deep into the next day. The Seagulls overhead told him he was nearing the coast. Tired and exhausted he rested for a short time on a bench beside the road. In the distance he could hear a group of people chasing him in the distance he could hear the approach of a rather large biplane. He cared not a jot!

In the pleasant surroundings of the restaurant car, Victoria sipped at a cup of tea. Her ordeal at the hands of her once beloved Maps, and the Charles of the Intelligence branch, had won her a weekend pass. In her determination to get away from anyone she didn’t feel close to, she had sent a Telegram to her Uncle on the South coast. Uncle Jack owned a small Fishing Boat, Victoria was now speeding down to meet him for a slow cruise along the South Coast, separated from all that she knew and cared for. She desperately hoped to find piece of mind and stability on the high seas.

Maps and Chipper were still diligently following the flashing red light, headed directly to Bardufloss’s now stationary position. Maps saw the increase in the frequency of the flashes and urged Chipper to ring every last ounce of power from the Aeroplane’s motor.

Bardufloss placed his tired head in his hands and prayed for a swift and efficient end to his tortuous escape, when he heard a familiar voice shouting as it approached. Arnold was soon in view waving his hands and shouting like a wild man.

“Run!”, Arnold shouted. “They are catching up”.

Bardufloss was in no mood to take orders from Arnold, they stood looking at each other. Each wondered who would give in first. A Dog barked and Bardufloss gave in. He picked the Fishing bag up and threw it at Arnold, who stumbled backward as the weight of the bag caught him off guard.

Bardufloss ran as fast as he could toward the nearby Town on the coast. Arnold ran in the opposite direction complete with Fishing bag and Transmitter. High above Maps noticed the sudden change in direction and signalled Chipper to follow. Charles on the ground noticed the change in direction and saw a man with a bag running away.

Quickly Charles ordered a change in direction, the Dogs hot on the scent of Bardufloss, to a Dog…stopped, turned their heads and gave Charles a look of astonishment. A look that only a well-trained Dog could give when faced with Human stupidity. Nevertheless the Dogs changed direction and had soon picked up Arnold’s scent.

Victoria looked up as she stepped from the Train, she gazed at a distant aeroplane and thought of her once beloved Maps. She remembered Maps and Chipper as they once were, once before the Military had turned them into thoughtless, childish and outrageously uncourteous oafs! She hurried to the docks and to her Uncle Jack. Seeing the Boat, she paused and at last she began to believe that nothing more could possibly happen to her.

The next thing Victoria remembers was being tied to the mast of a boat, with Uncle Jack unconscious beside her. In the wheel house of the delightful little fishing boat, a mysterious but somehow familiar figure was sorting through charts and figures. No amount of contingency planning had prepared the Escapee for the prospect of kidnapping two people and having to sail from England back up the Channel to a Belgian Port. Bardufloss found a moment a take stock, as the boat headed relentlessly to Sea, and suddenly felt very sick.

The Dogs were very quickly onto the heavily laden Arnold. Within seconds a Dog was feasting on Arnold’s trousers and trying his best to make a meal of Arnold’s leg. Another Dog had taken a passionate liking to the contents of the Fishing bag, whilst the third and final Dog sat rigidly to attention awaiting the word of his master before feasting on whatever remained of the poor Arnold.

Charles rescued the Fishing bag and the precious transmitter that it held. Arnold looked at Charles with a pleading look.

“Look, Old Boy, will you please retrieve these damned Dogs, whilst I still have a leg to walk on”, he pleaded.

The Policeman that was first on the scene recognised Arnold instantly.

“He’s that burglar we have been after for a few months”, the policeman announced.

“He’s a dirty rotten…..” Charles very nearly gave the game away, but halted in his tracks when he realised that the Police would be detaining him for a while. Charles knew he had bigger fish to fry!

Arnold was carted away to certain captivity at the hands of the Police.

Charles headed to the Town and a rendezvous with the ever fox-like Bardufloss.

Uncle Jack stirred from his enforced slumber with a headache that made him dizzy with pain. His groaning and moaning drew the attention of Bardufloss who came aft to see the extent of the injuries he had inflicted. Bardufloss examined Uncle Jack, before retiring to a cabinet in the wheel house. He brought back a large bottle of rum and poured Uncle Jack a stiff drink. Uncle Jack still tied behind his back, gulped vigourously at the Beveridge and soon felt better.

Bardufloss returned to the wheel house and steered his calculated course.

Uncle Jack looked at Victoria, and with a gentle nod of the head he informed Victoria of the Plan.

“We’ll soon be back on English soil, he’ll not get far!”, announced Jack.

“But he’ll be headed for the continent and certain capture, we’ll be in prison for the rest of the war!”.

“Nonsense Victoria”, the calming voice of an old Sea Dog was just what Victoria needed.

“Nonsense?”, enquired Victoria.

“Aye! Nonsense”.

Uncle Jack then quietly explained that since the last time he had hit another boat in mid-channel the compass was, in his own words, Buggered! It now read so wrong that if followed correctly it would always point toward the English coast.

The little Fishing boat carried on gently sailing, ever onward into the deep blue Sea, in the back of the boat were two happy detainees. In the front a determined Escapee, happy that soon he would be home.


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23rd Dec 2011 (#)

Hi David

Prolific Nutter came to mind, in the best possible taste. You are a star Wikinut for sure :) Amazing flow of work. Just Fab.

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