Maps and chipper – The Great(ish) Escape, part 3

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Maps and chipper – The Great(ish) Escape, part 3, The hours following the escape

Maps and chipper – The Great(ish) Escape, part 3

Charles Atkinson-Carver cut a fine dash as he strode up to the gathering of largely drunk and angry men. He assessed the situation immediately and knew exactly what to do.

“You, get to bed…NOW!”, he yelled at Sir Winston.

“Now look here young Whipper-Snapper, you can’t talk to me like that!”, Sir Winston retorted.

Charles Atkinson-Carver reached into his pocket and produced a card and showed it to Sir Winston. Sir Winston looked shocked and then aggrieved, but eventually, under the piercing gaze of Charles, he made his way to find a bed.

“Which of you lot are Medlicott and McGraw?”, Charles asked.

“I am Medlicott”, Maps replied. “Chipper is the mess in the chair over there”.

Charles moved swiftly to the chair and gave it a kick, Chipper groaned and looked up at the tall man standing over him.

“Get on your feet young man”, Charles ordered. “You are in big trouble!”.

“Trouble?”, enquired Chipper.

Charles took Maps and Chipper to a corner, and explained that he was an officer of British Intelligence. Chipper letting that prisoner out of his sight had seriously hampered a delicate intelligence operation. Charles ordered the two men to be prepared to do anything they could to retrieve the situation.

In a wood, not so terribly far away, Bardufloss was looking for a contact. Making discreet but audible Cuckoo noises in the dead of night made him feel silly, but he was shortly joined by the Arnold, still carrying a decidedly heavy fishing bag.

Arnold and Bardufloss shook hands, and after a brief conversation decided that no further headway could be made that night. From the Fishing Bag, Arnold produced two sets of warm blankets, he took one himself and gave the other to Bardufloss.

“Sleep here, and well”, Arnold instructed. “It may be the last sleep you get for a while”.

In the dead of night the two quietly discussed the escape plan before they fell into an uncomfortable sleep.

The plan on the face of it was very simple, in the fishing bag was a transmitter, all Bardufloss had to do was find a boat, sail into the English Channel and use the transmitter to summon a Submarine that was off the coast and waiting for him.

Victoria finally made it back to the School, her dress somewhat tattered and torn. She found Maps deep in conversation with a coffee drinking Chipper. Charles was immediately struck by the fine appearance of the young Nurse, and offering her his seat he inquired if she had eaten that night.

“Forget it!”, Victoria replied. “I have had just about enough of nights out with men!”.

Victoria glared at Maps, who shrank with embarrassment, on a night that should have been the most wonderful either had ever experienced, his beloved Victoria was more angry and frustrated than enraptured with him. Maps felt a heart sickening sadness.

Charles, however was not one to take no for an answer. He produced his card again and showed it to Victoria in the hope that it would impress her.

“Intelligence!”, Victoria feigned enthusiasm.

“If you had any intelligence you would not get in the way of me tonight!”, Victoria had a way of expanding on her emotional state that made Men shiver with fright.

The dawn broke over the school waking the sleeping military establishment. The warmth of the sun toasted Maps’s feet and he sprang from his bed to enjoy the early morning heat. Chipper felt the heat, but simply groaned and used the fabric of his tent to block it out. Sir Winston snored, loudly. Charles was already up and about doing the sort of thing that Intelligence men do before dawn. Victoria lay quietly and thought about all that had happened to her.

In the woods, Arnold and Bardufloss packed the Fishing bag, shook hands and said their goodbyes. Bardufloss took the fishing bag and hurling it over his back, headed for the coast.

Arnold melted into the woods.

Chipper was eventually tipped out of his cot, and presenting him with a cup of warm Coffee, Charles laid out the plan for the day.

“There is only one good aeroplane on the field”, he stated factually.

“But that belongs to Sir Winston!”. Maps replied naively.

Charles gave Maps a look that immediately silenced the young flier, and immediately removed any doubt from Maps’s mind. He would be flying in Sir Winston’s beautiful aeroplane that day.

“You fit to Fly?”, Charles asked Chipper.

“Of course he is!”, Maps replied.

“Lost his tongue has he?”, Charles chastised.

Chipper stood up and shook himself down.

“Yes sir”, Chipper believed he was fine.

Charles reached into another pocket and retrieved a Top Secret device, handing it to Maps he explained it’s purpose.

“No need to know how it works, just a red light that flashes, point the aircraft in any direction and watch the flashes. If they get faster you are going in the right direction”.

It was only a few minutes later that Sir Winston’s snoring abruptly stopped. He pushed his head out of the tent to see his beautiful Aeroplane taking off. He would have shouted and screamed a the occupants, but he knew that would be useless.

Chipper headed the Aeroplane skyward. Soon Maps was on the communications device to tell Chipper that the red light was flashing. Chipper banked the aeroplane over and with the aeroplane circling nicely he waited instructions from his companion in the rear cockpit.

Bardufloss was using the compass that he had found in the fishing bag and was hopefully, and speedily heading to the South Coast and Escape.


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author avatar Denise O
26th Dec 2011 (#)

Your dialogue is really good. A well written piece. You are painting a good picture. Thank you for sharing.:)

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