March For The Alternative - Saturday 26 March 2011- A Political Poem About The Cuts

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Hundreds of Thousands of everyday people from across the entire U.K marched against the Cuts to Services, Jobs, Pensions on Saturday 26 March 2011 in London England. People from all walks of life walked in peaceful demonstration to say 'Enough is Enough'. One voice in the dark is small but hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors marching together as one is an altogether different thing.

March For The Alternative - Saturday 26 March 2011 - A Political Poem

March 26th and The People have got to their feet
Marched with a message for Downing Street
Onto Trafalgar past Lions who sit
To make one thing clear ' we're fed up with it'

They've rallied in Hyde Park to listen to speeches
Firemen and Nurses and all those that Teach us
Yes there was a peaceful, party atmosphere
But we've marched in our hundred thousands so you will hear.

Hear the protests from Unions and the far reaching working class
That these policies must change and we mean 'Fast!'
Civil Servants marching alongside Railmen on pension
Hundreds upon thousands to get your attention.

Disabled people whose only crime
Is to need a carer for two hours at a time
Librarians marching to keep Libraries local
No 'shushing' from them, they really turned vocal.

Postmen and women fighting against privatization
Knowing their service must stay public for the Nation
A march that took around four hours to walk
People have stopped listening to Councils' slash'n'burn talk.

We've marched because we need to be seen
We've come together in one almighty 'Away Team'
We are sick of 'the little man' being made to pay
You've been ignoring us all along the way.

Looking after Tax Dodgers and keeping bonuses for the bank boys
Soon we'll be struggling to buy our kids toys
Enough of your cuts, they do more than sting
It's like being with a prize fighter in the centre ring.

You're trying to destroy our lives, jobs and pension
But this wake-up march has grabbed Britains' attention
From the Youth Clubs to Legal Aid funding
All you want is to dismiss with no happy ending.

You think we're all too insignificant and can easily be disbanded
It'll take more than you thought, though you're trying single handed
We've got news for you, that's why we gathered in Hyde Park
We're no longer the mushrooms sitting silently in the dark.

Thousands of people wearing their hearts upon their sleeves
This is one protest where we've taken the lead
We've had enough of your cuts and we want them to Stop
Listen to the voters or you CON-DEMS are next for the chop.


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