Marmalade's Junior Campbell blessing and curse

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American music rights company Sound Exchange innocently confused me with the Scottish singer Junior Campbell, formerly of the band Marmalade.

Cute as a kitten, I capitalize on that error to break the wall of cynical, sinister silence, confusion and intimidation that less innocent Barbadians, Americans and other persons have been constructing around me in their ill-conceived bid to undermine my identity and good intentions.

Will the real Junior Campbell please stand up?

Someone has managed to confuse this writer with the Scottish singer "Junior Campbell" of the band Marmalade fame.

Earlier this year the US-based music rights managing firm Sound Exchange sent me a royalty statement for some of Mr Campbell's music.

I am also registered with Sound Exchange but my musical career is nowhere nearly as distinguished as my Scottish namesake's.

Efforts to reach Campbell for a comment have so far been unsuccessful.

I suppose the confusion with the Caucasian Campbell, as unlikely as it may seem on the surface, had to happen, though.

It's just another instalment of the more or less extraordinary identity appendages, absurdities and anomalies that seem intent on embedding themselves in my existence.

I'm used to occasional identity confusion, being born one half of an identical twin. Over the years my brother Wayne and I learned to relish these mix-ups, as we found that they could be advantageous or, at least, entertaining.

But I've also seen the darker side of identity mishaps or misrepresentations, as those familiar with the intellectual property related human rights abuse action I've initiated against the Barbados government could attest.

The undermining of my identity and everything that I stand for by Barbados government minister, "porn prince" Donville Inniss, who has surreptitiously linked my business Intelek International to his and his Jamaican and Canadian pornography trading interests is neither advantageous nor entertaining by my assessment.

This and similar misrepresentations by Barbadian religious clerics, academics, journalists and their American, British and other international allies who have taken issue with my writing - often because they wish they had written something I published themselves - have adversely affected my life experience to a profound extent.

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Curiously, these misrepresentations of my intentions and a corresponding muting of my protests, particularly through the deliberate or unintended "machinations" of journalists like the BBC's Mike Liggins and Jill Lawless of the Associated Press have conspired to make my life reflect something of the desolation and despair that infuses Campbell's self-penned song "Reflections of My Life", a major hit for Marmalade in 1969.

"The world is a bad place, a bad place, a terrible place to live..," begins the last verse of the song, a dismal conclusion - even though the verse closes with the confession "Oh but I don't wanna die."

The chorus resonates with me equally mystically, echoing to a significant extent some of the marronage or sense of exile and abandonment I feel not only by virtue of my current residency in an at times, in some spaces unwelcoming England, but also, and more significantly from my perspective, my sense that I am not welcome in my native Barbados.

The chorus laments "All my sorrow, sad tomorrow/take me back to my own home/All my crying, feel I'm dying/take me back to my own home."

Paul Coles, a former colleague with whom I worked at Domino's Pizza (UK) may find some consolation in my predicament. The thought of me crying and feeling like I'm dying may be particularly appealing to him.

In July the somewhat child-like, and to that extent seemingly harmless Coles, possibly emboldened by Domino's relatively relaxed attitude to issues of racial discrimination, sent me a thinly veiled death threat after I told him I was going to report him to Norwich County Council for racial harassment.

Apparently, despite my assurances that I was seeking an intervention that would be rehabilitating rather than punitive (or because of it?) Coles escalated his offensive footing going from sending me messages about immigrants stealing English jobs, wives, pets, and so on, to a picture of a tombstone with my name on it.

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Fortunately, after I was fired from Domino's for having the audacity to hope that I and my colleagues (including Coles) could rehabilitate the company, not only with regards to race matters but in its broader socio-commercial relations, I had the good sense not to accept a £1000 offer that would have silenced my criticisms of its corrupt, demoralising, divide and rule corporate practices.

Domino's had apparently confused me with some one or other counterfeit capitalist journalist who if it failed to intimidate, it could co-opt and compromise.

Those who know me best know that I'm more like the liberal, democratic spirited people heralded in another of the now Essex-based Campbell's better-known tracks: Hallelujah freedom.

Efforts to contact Campbell for a comment on the mixed-up blessing and curse of sharing his name are on-going.



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