Married To God

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God is the Creator of all things. He is trustworthy and has no plan to harm or destroy those He created. I'm at a point in life where it's as if I'm married to God. Of course, God is a Spirit and no finite and carnal connotations can define Him as we seem in the flesh but, this concept helps to bring a better understanding of the magnitude of the commitment required. Even more though. God is worthy to be praised.

Married To God

It started with a cloud of dust, visions, wishes
Smile, touched with the truss of repudiation
'Cause trust was hard, difficulties, communication
It 'twas my Father's voice
I finally could discern
Took a minute, before I simply listen
Mists of yesterdays
I see labyrinths...
Elaborate stones and roads, cold visits, plentious
Night walks, when there wasn't bawling
But, the crawling, before the steps, emits it's own light, and difference
Broken ice, with prints of shoes and boots
A new pretense
Provisions in the sevens, evolution's in the heavens, bet it, settings of the gold and silver
Like a pleasant word
That's spoke, connections, to the blessing
True reward, to cue His message, essence
Presence of the Lord, the more, than flesh
I set my focus on You, glorious are Your works, and methods, masterfully
Your Throne's abode, Your Holy Ghost inspires me, the fire gleams through all the pain, and lows
Untold, are truths, I've yet to see, I called the rain, to fall, again, Instead of talking
That, I saw What paid the cost, remained, the Cross...
I say, a soul, won't have to break, on my behalf, I place my heart, beside my faith
In YHWH's feathers, where the mark is not
The substance of the loyalty, no changes, so I take the pen...
Strangely, satan's waiting, aim to place me in, to paint me
Into spaces, vaguely, ain't embraced
Mis-stating things that Weh' had did
To taint the Light, and take the sight, but bring the fight, the day is bright
And stay aligned, in prayer, then it's okay, alright
The saints are quite His bride, as He returns to get the Church, and sooner
Than expected
If it's night or in the sun, the Christ...
Shall come, the fight is won, I'm anxious in nothing
If strife is numberless
Then none of it
Just mean tons of drama, could be a lot of lies...
And the one defending ain't wrong
Except to coddled minds, fed what is deception, it's welcomed
And I apologize, if wrong
But, I mean, if there's banding against a soul, as if, they were a roudy outlaw or something
Without the violence
Flying against a soul that's standing for God, I mean, don't get me wrong
But what is being defended then if men rebel the Light of God?
What exactly is being projected, and being protected?
For the Lord ain't done no harm
So what after is being affected to the point of utter scorn
Like of dangerous beast, or when satan eats?
See, I be by my lonesome with Jesus, 'cause things are strange to me...
But, even so, I'm open to seekers of the amazing peace
And I speak the truth, fear no evil, 'cause God'll break the
I keep my eyes on the hills, steady watch, in faith, this age, I'm obsessed with the new
Creation, the second earth, receive the Revelation, in the flesh though
Things are tricky, bitter sweet, hissing, I will never do, I just go into my spirit closet
Talk to God, and then I'm good again
Nothing changed in such regard, it's just the same, I up the Name, though stuff arranged
By satan, be exposed, some remain, still...
And evil spirits are some beings explosives can't kill
And a soul can't fill itself, although it may feel, possible, an obstacle
Not even human beings could conquer
And the saved was once the prodigal
To Weh', our clean is dumpster-like, but His righteousness, His grace, and sacrifice
Had cleaned them...
And I write regardless, normalize is not, a margin, got me thinking, that's larger
I ain't scared of that
Righteous anger my reaction being instead, in fact
No, to all control, just accept it, or be fed to cats
Demonic, in the bottom of the bottomless pit...
I never asked for any of it, still I'm bothered and
Then, I get sublimally hinted, that I'm being followed and it's...
If, I had to say, my feelings of it, I would say it's JOY!
Only confirmation, such was done to God and all the prophets, but I talk about it
Just because it's got some broader prospects, I ain't bothered though, all is covered, plus it's widely known...
Monitor the evil, and mostly, because it's eyes are gone, blindfolds and misinformation
A recipe for hurt
And I know the different engagements, distortion, genocide...
Touchless, other suffer, from me...
Because how demons made it, even in Nelsonian Knowledge, of
Some good people's
Truth is nothing wrong, but the error's in how it's misportrayed, music loves my soul
There's a snaring, but now, it dissipates...
Jehovah protects my soul from hell
This lowly shell, was broken, one can't put the Lord above, if loathing what's declared or spoken
By Him, when I read into that hint, it nearly broke my heart, ain't spare me any sympathy
But let me know just as it is, but after this, I understand a lot
The other hand of God, I'm meaner for expressing, some just see
There's more perspective to it
If they saw the things I see, from others
They'd suggest I'm foolish, for compassion, brand it odd, the cruel
Dealeth extra ruthless when it's known that no one else can view or even cue it...
This relationship with God, I want to overshadow
Everything in life, the muse, the watches, must reflect His presence
The wicked must be so confused
I let His glory shine
I don't need the praise, unless by Him
Fortified in love, that's more than mine, or anything I have
Under mortal skies, normal lines for me, in mind, I dream
Like a horn disguised, when farming in the heat, important times
Contorted, I imagine, truth, I pass the love, through Light, to all who need it
Which includes myself, I step in YHWH's arc to dwell forever, healing stuff, and do right
The way that it's been, in spirit marriage to the Lord, means elation within!
I don't expect some to believe me, dust beneath me...
Plus, it's deepening, but I never did consent
Why is the fonded things as creepy? Sneaky, scheming, feeding hate, you see
You can't address distortion like that
Fight back through YHWH's wisdom
Spirit realm is real, universal, and not a mere perception, seen a couple of falls
And experienced, a bunch of loss
And that's the reason
I'm upholded, by God, I see the world like Him, in hope, I'm never shrinking below
My destiny is this, definitely

It's something like, I'm Married To God
Committed to the Light



Dedication, Faith, Hope, Life, Spiritual, Truth

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
18th Oct 2017 (#)

Excellent word my friend .
A tad long , but worth the reading .
Many blessings
Stella ><

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