Mars, Venus, Ganymede, and Sappho.

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Writing gay characters when, Men are straight, women can be bi, and gays and lesbians are just gays and lesbians.

Men are to Mars, as Women are to Venus, as Gays are to Ganymede, Lesbians are to Sappho

There's a big disparity among us humans when it comes to homosexuality. Men have no problem if their girlfriend is bi-sexual. They encourage it for sure. What's sexier than having two women in bed with you (assuming your a guy)? Why is it no sexy for two men to be with each other, yet its okay for two men to be in bed with a woman as long as they don't touch each other? We grew up with so many Taboos that we get so sexually frustrated that we just sleep with what's available, opposite sex or same. Don't matter.

Men are Mars

It's the whole Greek Mythology of Mars the god of War. He's one of the few gods that had no relationship with another men. Straight as the arrows he bows. He would say, "My girlfriend is a lesbian.” Men love a girlfriend that is a lesbian. She can always bring in another girl to bed with them. He has the stamina to do both. So he thinks. Make sure you don't make him seem perverted in any sense; he does it for a reason.

Women are Venus

My boyfriend was gay. How many times have you heard that? More than likely, everyone is telling her that he's gay and she should dump him. Or she feels that she can change him. Write your character in this way. She does not care if he's gay or not. Read, "I'm okay that you’re Gay."

Gays are Ganymede

My boyfriend is straight. Well, they would be if I were a girl. These are the men that aren’t hung up on their sexuality and no one would know who they are. They are Mars except they like Ganymede. Sometimes they’ll go back to women and back again, or from women to men and back.

Lesbians are Sappho

My Girlfriend is straight. Ha-ha. No one takes a second glance at this comment. Why should they? Girls are the most accepted homosexuals of the world. However, when you write your character, make sure you give her a reason for being whom she is. There’s plenty of them. The question is how does a girl change another girl if she’s not a guy?

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Gays and Lesbians are from earth

No matter how you write your characters triangles. Make sure you write with respect and humility. We’re not a 3rd species, or a lesser gender, or aliens. We are human and have feelings. No one forgets we have feelings when they’re degrading a gays.


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