Meditation As A Way Of Finding Peace Of Mind

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this page talks of how we can use meditation to find peace of mind, we can take it as a very reliable means of ensuring that the mind is at peace

meditating to find peace of mind

Meditation is one way that is believed to be a source of relief to the mind; it has some steps that can be followed to come up with very successful outcomes. The simple process of having a moment of meditation is as shown herein; you can find a cool and very quiet place like in the park or in the woods. You then get seated in a comfortable position and try to have a focus; you then take 100 deep breaths while counting from one to a hundred. This will help you focus on the exercise and not to divert your attention to something different. You need to make sure you count correctly both the number of inhalations and exhalations as well.

The other thing you should do is to take a walk, this can be well done in a quiet place like in the park or in the woods but when you get used to the meditation exercise your focus and attention will be good and you can even do it in public without being distracted. You should ensure that you focus on the physical sensation of walking; this includes the earth beneath your feet and also the movements of you’re hips while walking.

There are also many free meditation exercises online, you can access some recorded meditations on YouTube. You should not just watch them as though you are watching any other movie; you need to ensure that you allow the meditations on YouTube to lull you in a very blissful feeling of presence. There is also a lot of amazing feelings when we try to do things differently, you can change the way you breathe by trying to hold your left nostril down, then you take in breathe through the right nostril. This will be followed by the holding of the breathe. You are supposed to do this a number of times then you change to the other nostril. Then you can do it style by inhaling through the left nostril and exhaling through the right nostril.


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Nice article Taf. Cheers!!

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