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I used to love writing compositions in school especially with my own language then later with English as second language. Sometimes I am inspired with what I write, sometimes my writing is boring.

Writing and healing

When I have the opportunity to write essays and fortunately, find others that are satisfied with my essays I did make writing as one of my passion in life. Like most people, we struggle with words and with perfect grammar but we all start from nothing then we improve gradually.

For the past years of my life, I think writing has save my life from confusion. I made some serious mistakes too in my journey to writing. Sometimes I write whatever I feel at the moment, not quite sure if they are right or they are just another dangerous, malicious thoughts playing in my mind at other times.

I may not be good at public speaking because I'm not relax when in front of a lot of people, my mind will be so paralyzed with anxiety most likely, my ideas are disoriented. But now with writing, I can delete anytime, I can be myself and feel relax while releasing thoughts on my mind. If someone is a little bit stressed with life, journal writing is a great therapy.

You can start your own blog site for yourself and make a journal just about anything that plays in your mind. If you can't write articles start reading the work of many writers online and be amazed on how they organized words and ideas. Sometimes their thoughts reflect some of your beliefs sometimes they do not.

I can't have a teacher all the time on my side but by reading other contents somehow you learn. Sometimes there is no one to talk to and nobody cares to hear what you want to say but write in online and someone will surely react.

There is really meditative power in writing. Like others, I don't understand instantly all the things in this world much as myself and other people. If you like reading -like reading is like taking food but food for your mind, then you will also love to write.

I feel happy that I developed this passion in life at an early age. I don't have to wait getting old before I have the desire to write down articles and columns. This is one life adventure and life outlet that some people find fulfillment and happy that they find this world. It's a great escape.

So if you have the interest and desire, you can start in numerous sites online like here in Wikinut. You will find expert writers here and also new ones because it's obvious who are newbies and who really are professional writers.

For me writing can bring healing in your mind and also you learn to organize your ideas, if your wrong then you can see where you made mistakes. Creative ideas will also come out, sometimes if you write them, it will help you figure out things you don't easily understand.

Some writers based on their experience and how many pieces of writings they have made have really perfect their skills to write. I simply admire their passion to write. I write before just for the fun of it so my work is not perfect anyway I'm thankful for the information overload from the internet. I wonder how the internet holds all of those knowledge, amazing. Surely I'm not an expert writer but just an explorer. What I just realize is that knowledge is power.

Writing as meditation


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a bookish, an introvert, writing for me is meditative and therapeutic and i love cats

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Jul 2013 (#)

Writing is indeed therapeutic and sharing more so! We live in exciting times and think of those stalwarts of the past who overcame heavy odds to make themselves heard. Best wishes, Avery - siva

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