Meet marital twins, Pope Francis and Barbadian ‘Mother Poet' Margaret Gill

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The second in my "Twin Tower Power and Impotence of 9/11" series of articles

Of marriages made in heaven and mirrored in hell

“I publish the bands of marriage between His Holiness, Pope Francis I of Vatican City and Barbadian ‘Mother Poet’ Margaret Gill.”

We are unlikely to ever hear such an announcement from any church pulpit, Catholic or otherwise.

Yet thanks to the Papal game-changing Gorje Bergoglio’s apparent openness to the idea of restoring a married priesthood to the Roman Catholic Church, this unlikely scenario is now a bit more likely.

And we may find it particularly useful to think of this progressive white Pope and the black Barbadian, feminist, Rastafarian-sympathizer Ms Gill as a twin-like couple - a marriage made in heaven, virtually – for a number of reasons.

These reasons have as much to do with things that “Mother Poet” Gill and Pope Francis do not have in common as similarities between them.

Things like varying views, apparently, on the legalization of Marijuana, a foundational Rastafarian’s religious sacrament.

I find the seemingly progressive Pope’s resistance to the legalization of Marijuana, published during his visit to Brazil earlier this year peculiarly extraordinary.

Might it have something to do with the Rastafarian attack on a Catholic Cathedral on the Caribbean island of St Lucia in 2000?

The Argentinian Bergoglio would almost certainly have heard of that New Year’s (and New Millennium) Eve attack, which left a priest and two nuns dead.

And might there be some conscious or unconscious connection between the fact that the Osama Bin Ladin-approximating leader of the 31/00 attack in St Lucia was also called Francis?

That curiously under-reported and, I would argue, misrepresented, terrorist attack in the Americas, preceding 9/11, could serve as a focal point for serious inquiry into global geopolitical religious phenomena – if the international media took Caribbean people more seriously, perhaps.

Particularly, that attack and Rastafarian-Roman Catholic antagonism itself, offer profound lessons in the love-hate dynamics that religion and racism have in common with each other – and with marriage.

This love-hate dualism is integral to the view I take of this white Pope’s and black poet’s psychic similarity: it is integral to the ‘creative use of schizophrenia’ that I would attribute to both personalities.

And I might add that with Bergoglio’s non-judgmental attitude to gay marriage now firmly established, “blue sky scientific” speculation about a marriage between him and Pope Emeritus Benedict and the double-minded symbolism of that marital merger and mirroring follows naturally.

But there are two points I must stress here, before I proceed with my Pope Francis-Poet Gill marital mixing and osmosis approximating, twin-tower analogy.

First, I note that the recently reported comments about an end to mandatory celibacy for Catholic priests by Pope Francis’ strategically appointed Vatican Secretary of State, Venezuelan Archbishop Pietro Parolin does not herald an impending break with Catholicism’s celibacy tradition but merely an openness to discussion on such a break.

Secondly, and more pertinently, I would stress that Parolin’s comments do not foreshadow a radical marital innovation so much as an arguably long-overdue restoration of the role of marriage in the Christian faith by the Catholic hierarchy. Hence my use of the word “restore” above.

As I hint in the first “Open Letter to the Pope” that I published in this forum, following Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to England in 2010, the mandatory celibacy of priests is probably best viewed as just another temporary change to Roman Catholicism, consistent with the fundamentally changing character of all Christian denominations – and indeed, all religions.

Being in its own right prophetic in foregrounding seismic change in Catholicism, that open letter focuses at length on mandatory celibacy, feminism and other issues I am again addressing here.

It may therefore help to quote at least one segment of that article at length. I wrote to Pope Benedict:

“My expectation of radical change stemming from your visit may come as a surprise to you (and others), as your papacy has so far been marked mainly by a conservative – some might even say reactionary - digging of your holy heels into the twenty-one-hundred-years-tried turf of church tradition.

However, unlike others, I see your eagerness to enforce and/or maintain Roman Catholic tradition as a strong indicator of the seismic change coming to Roman Catholicism in the very near future. Indeed, the way I see it, Holy Father, seismic change is characteristic of Roman Catholic tradition.

Take the celibacy of the priesthood, for example. That has a distinct, seismically catalytic historical origin, does it not?

And the establishment of the Vatican State. If nothing else, that was an extraordinary religious development - given Christianity’s historical focus on a heavenly city.

The co-optation of the teachings of Joshua (Jesus) of Nazareth under Constantine; the compilation and canonization of the writings of some of his most influential followers in the second and subsequent centuries – that has given us the Bible; the development of doctrine’s like the virgin birth... These were all seminal (pun intended) arguably, seismic developments in the church’s history. Indeed, it could be said that change is at the very heart not only of Christianity’s message, but of its very being.”

It therefore follows that while I am as intrigued as fellow Allvoices writer Darren Richardson (Punditty) by Vatican Secretary of State Parolin’s comments indicating a possible end to mandatory celibacy, I am rather less enthused by what it might mean.

As a rigorous, thoroughgoing response to clerical pedophilia by progressive Pope Francis, openness to a married priesthood in Roman Catholicism is welcome unquestionably.

But viewed in the context of this Pope’s ascension to the “Throne of St Peter” at the expense of Ghanaian Cardinal, Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, his views on the legalization of Marijuana, and his former conservative, Argentinean government favoring, anti-revolutionary activity, I am inclined to view Francis I’s Papal game-changing innovations somewhat critically.

My concern is that this Francis might be found to share some of the racial and related biases that motivated St Lucian terrorist Francis Phillip to calculatedly murder other human beings.

Footnote: This article the second in a series under the title “Twin Tower Power and Impotence of 9/11.



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