Meeting the Devil

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This is the prologue to a story I wrote back in high school that was part of a small series I was doing. It was the first time I had introduced a fifth race of vampires that existed in the series.

A Demons Smile

The mausoleum sat at the far end of the cemetery surrounded by only the cover of several large oak trees. Leading up the marble steps there was a huge cement door guarded by two angel statues; one of a warring angel standing above a defeated demon and the other of a female angel holding a dove gently to her breast.
Leaned up against the blood red door was a man dressed in a black velvet frock coat which was tapered at the waist and had beautiful silver buttons that glistened in the soft moon light. Underneath he wore a line shirt and tight form fitting black pants that were tucked into his knee high riding boots. He looked oddly old fashion for the times and it sparked the curiosity of Azreal as he slowly approached the steps of the tomb where his brother slept painfully within. The mans eyes were black with a blood red hue that only glittered here and there in the bright moonlight as he stared forward at Azreal giving him an almost deliciously evil appearance. This man bleed arrogance and cruelty from his pores. This man, if a man was what he was, held such darkness in his soul that even Azreal could bare to look upon him no longer.
The tomb was sealed shut and within Azreal could hear the silent screams and moans of his brothers suffering, of his deep pain and torment.
"Who are you?" Azreal asked.
"What a silly question," the man said with a cruel smile as he extended his arms out to either side of him while propping his right foot up against the door to mock the holy cross, a thing Azreal could not stand to even look upon. "You know exactly who I am."
"Why have you come here?" Azriel took a step back as the mans mere presence alone set his nerves on end.
"Out of curiosity," the man replied, and in an instant he was standing before Azreal staring right into his dark blue eyes. "There’s no need to be afraid, Azreal. Was it not I who lead you to your immortality so that you could save your brother? Was it not I who gave to you the secret of how to destroy Cain and take upon you the core of his race? You called upon me for help and I gladly gave it to you."
"Then why not release Idrial for me?" Azreal asked as he kept his eyes locked to the mans black ones. "You know that all I desire is to be reunited with him."
"Your suffering for him pleases me," he whispered as he leaned forward so that his lips hovered next to Azreals ear. "Your evil is that you can not let him die. No matter how hard he begs, pleads for death, you have always been there to keep him alive. Now he suffers for your selfish need to have him by your side. Think of it as payment for my services, Azreal. This pain you feel gives me great pleasure."
"I will never let him go," Azreal stated bitterly.
"And I will hold you to that promise," the man said before suddenly vanishing as if he were made of nothing more then the air itself. His voice seem to echo through the night as he stated, "You have always been selfish, Azreal. Selfish and cruel."
The silence seemed to bring Azreal a little more piece of mind as he brought his eyes to the blood red doors, his heart still pounding in his chest.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
31st Dec 2013 (#)

Well Azrael is not the Devil, he is an Archangel who has duties containing death and mortality in the Universe. He is not the Angel of Darkness but the one who harnesses the souls to the Valley of Flowers where they wait their judgement.

Well that person who you are referring to must have really hated God to be able to join hands with the Devil who is certainly not Azrael.

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author avatar Melinda9641
31st Dec 2013 (#)

I just used the name Azreal for the character in my book not as the archangel. Thank you for that information, but he's just a character in my book who is a vampire who consorted with Lucifer to save his brothers life.

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author avatar madugundurukmini
31st Dec 2013 (#)


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