Memoirs of a Hangug-ui (Korean)

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A promise. A vow. An assurance. How willing are you to wait for a person on his return?
Can you stand the roadblocks that might come along your way? Are you ready to accept the reality that someday and somewhere two souls will meet again?

Here is the story of love determined to challenge tradition and destiny.

Their Second Meeting

She has only written a love letter once in her life. She could remember that was on the month of June when she met someone in her life who made her feel so different. From what she heard from her friends, he was neither a good man nor a caring one. He was a crazy man and based from the news, he got himself into a fight because he tried seducing his close lady friend.

She was not that sure why she liked him. It gave her a feeling of great pleasure whenever she was beside him and even talked to him. It was that feeling of excitement and curiosity that she decided to meet him up the moment he returned in her country for the second time.

Even though it was close to impossible to meet him up again, through an arranged meeting by their common friend, it paved way for them to share each moment together.

The Invitation

It was really a busy day for her having returned in the house from shopping which prior to that she had an appointment with her agent. She received a call from their common friend that this man had returned in her city. Both of them wanted to meet her for dinner.

She laughed in her astonishment because of the unexpected invitation.

The dinner date went so fine! It was actually her pleasure to share moments with these two fine and young men. It was an excellent way to gain knowledge from their culture and the like. It was really a lovely dinner and night, as she would describe it.

Then, their common friend invited her to join the man for tomorrow. She was surprised even more.

She began to ask why and how but seemed like they already talked about it and who is she to decline an offer that suited her interest.

Those Times They Spent Together

June 21
- She woke up feeling ambivalent. She did not know if she should meet him up or not. She admired him and this admiration might have a bad effect on her. However, she rationalized that he doesn't know anything about her feelings and they are really good friends. Those reasons alone was enough to show up.

More unexpected things happened...
2:23pm - They were in a restaurant eating lunch when he reached a piece of chicken in her mouth. She did not know what to do at that time because the gesture in her culture was different. It only happened in a boy-girl relationship. It should not be like this. Well, that idea made her feel a bit confused.

More and more unexpected things happened...
3:45pm - This time, he opened the topic up if they could go swimming together. Never giving a thought of swimming in a gloomy and rainy day before meeting him, she was shocked about the notion. However, this man is her friend and though he never knew how much she liked him, she entertained his idea and still gave in. They went swimming and it was fun. She never regretted it!

Some more unexpected things happened...
5:10pm - They were both tired from swimming and since he had a wonderful suite, she spent the afternoon sleeping while he was doing his work. She really never understood the kind of job he is doing online but she knew that he owned a trading company. Her friends said he is really rich and she doesn't doubt about that. But, she viewed him as a different man. She looked at him as a man who could be really sweet and fun to be with.

8:15pm - They shared the evening together with their friends and when they finished eating, he invited her massage spa. It was really soothing and nice! That night ended with so much glee in her heart.

June 22 - He had an afternoon trip going back to his country. It was just last night that he asked her to come with him in the airport to be with him. She could not say no. She did not want to say no. It was just a little thing for a favor.

12:45pm - She was with him in the airport but the scene was rather sad and again, different. They held their hands together. In her case, she felt honored and tremendously happy when he reached for her and held her hands tight. She never wanted to end this feeling but she knew before she developed this feeling for him, the impossibility of a relationship with him is very vague. So, she left her emotions as they are - selfless love and great admiration.

3:45pm - Before he walked inside that airport entrance door, it was unexpected that he kissed her. It was a long and deep kiss. A kiss that somehow penetrated her very soul. He left her with those kisses and it will forever be remembered.

Her Love Letter

Now, 2-months already passed, she remembered that love letter she gave to her friend where she believed that he will be giving it to this man. It was a love letter. She wrote it before he left the country but decided not to give it until she is brave enough to do so. Every time she thought of him, she realized that she loves him. She loves her silently. Well, loving a man like him is a noble thing for her. She never wanted to love anybody like him but she learned that she needs to give her heart a room and a chance to love another one. However, she will never forget him. He made her feel so special in different ways.

Those were Memoirs of a Hangug!

**(It was last September 14, 2011 that he received and read her letter. Her friend, who delivered the letter to him, told her that the man gave a mild smile after reading it.)


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author avatar Retired
27th Sep 2011 (#)

Beautiful, I enjoyed reading from top to bottom.

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author avatar angel
2nd Oct 2011 (#)

Thank you so much!

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author avatar Retired
6th Oct 2011 (#)

this is full of surprises..and then what happened

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author avatar angel
6th Oct 2011 (#)

I am not so sure what happened next. Never heard anything from both sides.Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!

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author avatar Retired
6th Oct 2011 (#)

haha ok

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author avatar vpaulose
6th Oct 2011 (#)

A flow of love. Thank you Angel.

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author avatar angel
24th Nov 2011 (#)

the story was told to me by a very close friend...i wonder what those two come up with! thank you for reading!

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