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An old man walks in green fields and wonders where time has gone. It went so quickly he hardly noticed. So come and sit with him and see his life many years ago.


Let me live in peace and walk where I want to walk, across sunny fields where my friends walked knee deep in bluebells.
To sit in a wood feeling long ago breezes, bright sunlight split by high branches and golden beams warm an old mans face.
And let my mind roam in past days where youth was a gift, a gift stolen by stealth of many seasons by so many years.
Let me sit in peace and watch ghosts of my past walk by me waving, standing by fast rivers among daisies and violets blue.

Thinking Back

Let me think back to days of a bright red hyacinth and a yellow daffodil by a purple narcissus on a morning’s bright rays.
To times when we built tree houses in lofty woods when they were wide and long, one more time before they’re gone.
And just for one last time watch green leaves shiver in soft winds, glowing green as coloured glass in a morning sun.
To where grey shadows of my dear friends hide behind trees, little faces watch an old man reminiscing in a warm gentle breeze.

Look at the Hills

Let me look at hills rising from glades and float on melodies of birds singing songs maybe songs to a summer queen.
And dream my dreams of climbing trees or staring into silver watery meads, watching pink fish swimming.
To watery clouds gliding slowly across lapis lazuli skies as Aurora lifts her weary head rising from Tithonus’ bed.
And in a mist diluting yellow sun my little friends run through the great trees and wave again to me in a breeze.

Let me take you back

Let take me you back, or come back with me, far away into a past where the sun shone all day, to a dream that was once my life
When blue sky stretched across heavens and light winds caressed as we played in green fields and ran with the wind.
When every second was a golden second and we shared our precious youth, a time spent like pennies, or silver coins.
Where we sat in long grass by swaying trees we smiled and we laughed and told tall stories of giants and good fairies.

And as I sit thinking of where time has gone my shadow friends call from little daisies and violets blue.

Come and play with us again.

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author avatar LOVERME
20th Jan 2017 (#)

YOUR POETRY is so dreamy why did u not get a star coming from dreams i rare ly get one so don't worry i love dreaming too so no hurry keep dreaming it make slife hapy all those who do dream go beyond a rivers stream all others keep laying in hopes some butterflies will come flying and take them away to another dreamland they too wonder what it would be so keep dreaming like me i don't sleep but only dream some say why do you scram i say i only do when inmy dream else i snore all get bored they ask someone to get me stored in the basement down doors so i telll them worry not i shall not snore but let me dream more

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author avatar Terry Trainor
30th Oct 2019 (#)

Thank you my dear friend.

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author avatar Mariah
19th Mar 2017 (#)

Stunning... u can still make me cry Mr T xx

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author avatar Terry Trainor
30th Oct 2019 (#)

Don't cry Mariah, laugh and be happy my dear friend.

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