Memory, Memory, Memory!

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Think of your memory as a vast, overgrown jungle. This memory jungle is thick
with wild plants, exotic shrubs, twisted trees, and creeping vines. Its spreads
over thousands of square miles---dense, tangled, forbidding.

Our Memory Is Full Of Idea! Like A Jungle Out here.

Imagine that the jungle is encompassed on all side by towering mountains. There is
only entrance to the jungle, a small meadow that is reached by a narrow pass through
the mountain. In the jungle there are animals, million of them. The animals represent
all of the information in your memory. Imagine that every thought, metal picture, or
perception you ever had is represented by an animal in this jungle. Every single event ever perceived by any of your five sense---sight, touch, hearing, smell, or taste---has
also passed through the meadow and entered the jungle. Other thoughts, such as your cell phone number or the position of the reverse gear in your car, are easier to find. There are two rules of the memory jungle. Each thought animal must pass through the meadow at the entrance to the jungle. And once an animal enters the
jungle, it never leaves. The meadow represent short--term memory. You use this kind
of memory when you look up a telephone number and hold it in your memory long
enough to make a call. Short--term memory appears to have a limited capacity (the
meadow is small) and disappears fast (animals pass through the meadow quickly).
The jungle itself represent long--term memory. This is the kind of memory that allows
you to recall information from day to day, week to week, and year to year. Remember
the long---term memory jungle.


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7th Oct 2013 (#)

Interesting article, I learned a lot

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