Men, Help me understand you.....

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Ive been dealing with this internal conflict of why men do the things they do ,make decisions they make and seem to live life without a good intention or purpose for a really long time now. I just want to understand things and where the male perspective comes from.

I want to be in your shoes guys.

I always check in with how I'im feeling and that comes from observing what I myself am thinking. RIght now I'm for sure, thinking and feeling like I just want to relate to a man.
I want to know whats up with their intentions because in my 29 years of living I've seen more bad intentions in the men I've known or even brushed shoulders with at the mall than good ones. I mean do men even know about intentions?
Do they have one?
I just dont understand how you can live your life for someone else who doesn"t have your best interest in mind anyway.(I.E. the corporate world). To me it seems like a toy soldier regeneration of an ignorant species. I'm not trying to bash any guys here but if yall dont know yourselves then why are you trying to get to know me? I hate it because I want to change it or at least see it in a new way but when I ask one my girlfriends they say I will never understand and when I ask my guy friends they don't even respond so I'm laughing to myself like these idiots...I don't want to think bad of the male gender but I can not find anything good that I can relate to them with and I'm not a lesbian. Whats up with that ? Any advice or opinions?


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