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The serious illness that starts out as a headache

Meningitis: My head is going to burst!

Petros and Harrison were feeling ill a few days ago, but it seems it passed.

While they were sick, Elly also started feeling ill. It's a blistering headache she has.

Not long after, I realize I have a headache too. I better go lie down.

And that was the start of the most intense suffering I have ever had to endure. Neither Elly nor I could eat anything. As soon as I eat something, I puke it out 15 seconds later. Mother says to try eating just a very small little bite at a time every now and again, but nope, not long before it flies right back out my mouth too.

I can't eat, I can't drink. Just drinking something is no better than eating something. I drink a sip then puke out three sips. How that's possible I don't know.

I simply cannot take in any fluids or foods. This is getting bad. Logic tells me that anybody who cannot eat nor drink, will die from hunger and dehydration.

Meanwhile I was feeling worse and worse and worse and worse, like I was going to die. In the other room, Elly was suffering the same.

We also sleep for hours and hours and hours and hours. At least when you're asleep the pain isn't that intense. But I know all this sleeping isn't natural. We're not living anymore. We're sleeping 98 % of the day and suffering the other 2 % of extreme headache and nausia.

Well, after a visit to the doctor, it's off to the hospital. I don't want to have to stay alone in a hospital. I'm only a little boy who barely knows what a hospital is, now I have to stay in this strange place all alone.

But, at this point I haven't the strength to do or say anything. Things have become a blur of consciousness but no strength to parttake in anything that goes on around me. I just want to be left to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.

I remember being placed on a bed in a sitting position, while a suster (nurse) tells me to bend over forward so she can give me an injection in the spine.

I remember Father and Mother standing by, Father thinking this may be a problem because usually I panick at the site of sharp objects about to be jabbed into me. But though I feel it going into my back, I feel no reaction of any kind of movement from my body. I just have lost all strength and will to do anything, probably from starvation, days and days of thirst, and this headache that squishes me down from the head down into a state of surrender.

Well, they take me to my hospital bed. They jab another thing in my wrist which they stick in position with sticky bandage. Apparently this is called a "drip" or somethingorother. It will give me nutrition and fluids directly into my bloodstream, so I cannot puke it out.

And so I spend my days in a hospital bed. Next morning I wake up to find Elly in the bed next to me. She's still asleep. It helps to have somebody there that I know. That's probably why Father and Mother or somebody arranged it.

When Elly awakes, she doesn't look too good but she tries to smile and greet me. I don't know if she had been to the doctor before me; I think when I went and was diagnosed with meningites, they knew what was wrong with her too and she was admitted to hospital as well.

The nurse comes in and places a silver bowl under my butt under the blanket. Then she moves on to Elly. I have absolutely no idea what this silver bowl is all about. Isn't it going to get rather uncomfortable to have to sleep with this bowl under my lower body? Oh well, I guess the nurse knows her job.

When she's done with Elly, she comes back over to me and takes the bowl out from under me.

"Nothing?", she says. Nothing what I wonder. I say no.

"You want me to put it back again?", the nurse asks. I don't see the sense so I say no. The nurse leaves with her silver bowls.

Elly has been smiling at us, but I cannot figure out why. Then Elly explains to me the concept. I was supposed to piss and relieve myself in the bowl. That way I don't have to go to the toilet.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, right, that makes sense. Well I'll just walk to the toilet down the hall later. I first wondered how I would walk being connected to this drip with a pipe, but later on Elly tells me there are wheels on it and it can easily be pushed along.

So here we are, both sick with meningitis in the hospital.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
27th Apr 2013 (#)

Yikes, I sure am glad you are okay and hope you get better soon.

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author avatar Kingwell
28th Apr 2013 (#)

A dad disease. you will have to be careful.

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