Mercedes C220 CDi

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"What would you like to drink?", asks a young lady to Father, Mother, Marzeus and Marzeus's eldest brother Petros. They will all be having Just Juice. She goes to fetch their order.

Mercedes C220 CDi

Kind service. Yet this isn't a restaurant. It's a car dealership. Father decided it's time to trade in the Audi for a Mercedes Benz C220 CDi, for Mother has been complaining that the Audi doesn't really ride smoothly. This new Mercedes Benz will, as Marzeus himself felt later on.

Great, all the paperwork is done, they've had their drinks, now Mother needs to transfer the funds that the trade-in felt short of, from her account to Father's, and Father will transfer it to the car dealership. Something to do with some bank transfers taking up to two days to show up on accounts, and other ways to work around it.

Mother goes and sit behind the car dealer's desk, and in her own way of always suddenly striking a blank when she has to work on a computer, she strikes a blank and needs to be helped to do the transfer. Ok, all is filled in on the computer, and now Mother just needs to fill in the security code that her online banking service just sent to her cellular phone.

She forgot the phone at home today. Bummer.

Well, says father, they'll just have to go and get it, as far away as they live from here in spite. But then, why doesn't Mother just go to a branch of her bank and do it there? Yes, good idea.

No, bad idea, thinks Marzeus, and convinces Mother and Petros of it, as the three of them drive away. Banks are hellholes of hundreds and thousands of people lined up in qeues, and extremely slow service. Going to the bank will take all day, and the service at banks is so poor, you seldom manage what you went for in one session.

Mother agrees. She has experience of banks and their retardedness. So, they just drive all the way home to go get her cellphone.

Finally they're back. They do the transfer. Then starts about an hour of signing papers and stuff and stuff.

Eventually they get into the new car. It's not the color father wanted; he wanted something silverish. This is goldish. But it's all that was available so he'll just take it.

A car isn't a car anymore. It's a multimedia station. An Indian woman who works for the dealership, gives Father and everybody who will listen, a long, long lecture as there are so many things one needs to learn about this car. There are the usual on-board computer things that needs to be learned, as well as BlueTooth operations. Father's cellphone can be picked up by this car, and his complete address book can be uploaded to the car too.

It has a lot of features; unfortunately one that's important to father, cup holdsters, are not available in the front.

Mother and Petros get tired of the lecture. Later on they get out of the car and go eat at a pancake restaurant across the highway. Marzeus stays, as he finds this car quite interesting.

Anyway, many hours after they first came to town to buy the car, they finally go home with a brand new shiny car. It floats over the road.

Some days later the servants ask Marzeus to pull the car that they had to wash, back into the garage, so Marzeus gets a taste in the driveway of what it's like to drive this car. One word: Smooooooooooooooooth. Very smooth. The powersteering is so light, it's possible that a mouse running over the top of the steering wheel could turn it :)

Interesting is also that it doesn't have a key. He knew the BMW has this metal strip that resembles a key, that has this groove engrained into it and looks quite different from a key. But this is the first time he sees this; the "key" has a blunt black piece at the end of it, almost like a thick USB plug or something, that plugs into the keyhole. Neat.

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