Merry Christmas to all good people.

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Providence still sends the moon and stars on the just and unjust. The world has enough for us all. From many years past and up to the present Christmas time has held happiness and misery to rich and the poor. This prose focuses on the past, but it could easily be the present. You decide. Merry Christmas to all good people.

Be all brothers and sisters

The lord of the manor stood talking to a man of letters, glasses of porter loosened tongues and shallow narrow minds,
“No! there is no melancholy here, no sadness, my staff are happy with their lot they get fed and hardly ever beaten.”

When we turn to the crowded masses of living humanity that a fool can perceive the suffering and wretchedness,
So it is time to waken from the above delusion of selfishness and made up our minds to be all brothers and sisters,
It is time that we set free our commerce as nature has set free the winds and waters to wander chain less and feel.
That is the freedom that should cover the earth in plenty and in doing so we allow evidence of progressive minds.

Men have laboured night and day for a large crop of starvation

Nature proclaims that it is the freedom that lies in every man’s prosperity and the foundation of every mans strength,
Stop the infatuated fondness for cunning schemes of policy and break the wires and webs of restrictions that again forms chains,
Some have been ingenious in the manufacture of desolation and have been successful in defeating all intentions of providence,
Men have laboured night and day for a large crop of starvation, for a huge return of bankrupt returns to a workhouse.
Behold the boasted science of modern times, would it be better to abandon some of our sciences and return to simple ignorance,
Our ancestors exchanged what they did not want for which they did and that made them happy, gave them a choice, it made them,
Custom houses, long parliaments and lawyers hold no respect or responsibility for the incumbent victims, showing a false state of things,
The lords and the men of letters who have no regard for anyone bar their own fortunes create a worse state than the worse winter ever froze.

Sadness distress and searing pain

Never is the state of things felt so much as this festive time of year, who would enjoy Christmas if there were nothing but cloud and fog,
There are clouds, fogs and storms of social life that overwhelm us, who have consciences, with sadness distress and searing pain,
Even the flowers are gone in disgust and long grass stands amongst the woodland thickets are bleached and sere, like so many of the poor,
The fern is red and shriveled amid the green gorse and bloom which once waved their broad white umbels to the summer breeze,
But now like skeleton trophies of death rattle their dry hollow stalks to the winter winds as they have given up, they are now beaten,

Great philosophical minds

The brooks are brimful and rivers turbid covered in masses of brown foam as they hurry along in anger, hurry along with mightiness,
Our gardens are damp, sad and desolate, their floral splendors are dead with naked stems and decaying leaves taking the place of verdure,
Great philosophical minds have in ages borne but one testimony to the charms of its quietude but the culture of philosophy comes from riches,
So even as the thinkers think, in the profound repose of the country at this ‘festive season’ the mourner seeks to indulge in passions of grief.


The festive season say the French is the time in which Englishmen hang themselves. Perhaps so; but now days the French outdo us in suicide. Has the despairing influence of Christmas stretched itself across the channel? Or rather the burdens influenced by extravagant expectations which some can ill afford. It is not the fog, dirt and rain with blistering winds that this depressing mood exclusively resides, it is the prospect of what we can do to repay the fortunes spent at this time to save face and pretend to be happy, even with all its sufferings and privations.

Merry Christmas to all

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author avatar Terry Trainor
15th Dec 2014 (#)

Thanks Steve.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Dec 2014 (#)

Marry Christmas to you Terry. The world is supposed to have progressed and become civilized but many still hope against hope for a better future with the wealthy having everything but a heart and feel for those deprived. The celebrations ring hollow unless they are inclusive - siva

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author avatar Terry Trainor
17th Dec 2014 (#)

Very true my friend

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