Miauli the cat decides to go to Music Island with Veertjies the bird

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Veertjies the bird is telling Miauli about Music Island, a place known for its inhabitants' mesmerising singing. It's not long before Miauli entertains the idea of going there to see for himself.

Miauli the cat decides to go to Music Island with Veertjies the bird

Miauli the talking cat is still listening to Veertjies the bird, telling him about Music Island. Music Island is an island known for the beautiful singing of its inhabitants.

Veertjies was on his way there, but came to rest a bit on the island that Miauli and him find themselves on now. Here Veertjies hurt his wing against a tree branch, and had to rest a bit until the pain subsides. Then Veertjies fell asleep on the ground, and Miauli ran into him.

So, if Veertjies isn't in top shape, and might not be able to fly great distances with an injured wing, how is he going to get to Music Island?

It is here where Miauli gets an idea. What if Miauli, being a sea captain of his own ship and all, takes Veertjies on board his ship? It sounds like such an interesting and great place this Music Island, that it wouldn't hurt Miauli to go and have a look see for himself.

After all, that is what Miauli does - he sails with his sailing ship from place to place, always looking for new adventures. Could Music Island be the next adventure for him?

Miauli decides that that is indeed his next destination. It's the least he can do to help the poor bird who might not make it there with his wing not being one hundred per cent.

First of course, Miauli will need lots of fresh water on board ship ship, which was the reason for his coming onto this island in the first place. Does Veertjies know where they can find fresh water?

Veertjies shows Miauli a footpath that leads to a fres water stream. Hooray! Everything is settled then.

Miauli and Veertjies shall now sail together on an adventure to Music Island. View this exciting tale as an online video!


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I was a sea captain but have since settled on an island called Music Island where I met a lot of new friends that I have wonderful adventures with.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
4th Nov 2015 (#)

Well women are talking cats too. Don't you remember cat woman, Hall Berri??? Now Cats never help birds, they eat them and even in cartoons, I thought I saw a Puddy Cat tells the tale of how the Canary actually saves itself from the scheming cat.
Now your cat can talk on Music Island, now all cats in cats in cartoons talk except Tom and Jerry. Now, it is the male cat that sings and the female cat that gets clued but if a female cat sings, it must be a mother or a gay cat. Don't be surprised, there are gay cats too in this world of reality as with cartoons.
Now the Cat is going to eat that bird as its wing doesn't mend and cats and birds are not lovers but chicks living with a cat have to be trained from birth to accept them not as adult cats.
So its more the Canary Cat Style that is coming out now.
Saying I thought I saw a Veertjies Bird who will be supper for me. Thanx for the warning Calista.

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