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Poems that stretch the boundaries of serious life and finding joy in the simplicity of day to day existence.


Fan spinning
Cool air
Hooting owl
Calling crows
Roll to my side
Eyes slowly open
Garage doors
It’s 4:44 A.M.
Make a wish
Bless the cats
Stumble into the kitchen
Drink lemon water
Take a few minutes
Down time
The cycle has started
The cycle has finished


Drones flying
Bringing packages with a smiling face
All the happy people never thinking
One day these drones will be dropping bombs
In the place of packages

Edge of Space

The Archons are calling
Echoing off the runes of Atlantis
Calling out to him
The man with only a title

Beyond the edge of space
An ancient light exists
A place never spoken of
Except in nightmares

The man without a name
Must again visit this place
Dark information needed
Only the enemies of eternity can deliver

Who is this man?
According to the most ancient scribbles
He will be called… The Docor

Everyday America

Everyday I wake up in white America
It doesn’t mean a thing
Back stabbers and liars circle round
Trying to hard to get on top of nothing

I want to get up and leave
Nightmare Babylon
I want to get up and leave
The constant archon dream

Ugly people on the cover of magazines
False nation of beauty
You could be the smartest person in the world
If you don’t kiss ass (suck dick) you wont get ahead

I want to get up and leave
Nightmare Babylon
I want to get up and leave
The constant archon dream

They say America is for everyone
That was never true
They say it’s the land of opportunity
Just more lies
You’re bought and sold
The second you’re born
To the highest bidder
To the back stabbers
To all the liars

I want to get and leave
Nightmare Babylon
Archon dream
Nightmare Babylon
Archon dream


When you’re young
It seems like fun
Bedding many women
Naked flesh for the taking

Then you get older
Look back and wonder
Was it worth it?
Since not one you can remember
Not name nor place
Just a long line of blur

The only one you’ll ever remember
Is the one you chose
Out of the millions
To walk hand in hand through life
All the rest simply disappear
Into who cares

Hustle No More

I can’t concentrate
In this world of Chitter-Chatter
Nothing ever being said
Blazing forward to a dead end
Pretending it means something more

I want rest
Calm peaceful life
Enjoying the scenes, the breeze
Writing, painting, reading, loving
Engulfing myself in the presence of nature

Be gone mad world
Go away you noise polluted cities
Give me bare feet and open minds
With the song of reality on our lips

Its only Death

Knock, knock, knock
Who is it?
Its only death
Come take me away
Don’t shed a tear for me
I’ll be more than merry
In my place of eternity

Knock, knock, knock
Who is it?
Its only death
Says it’s my time to go
Take a step into the unknown
At least I wont really be alone
The mature step for the fully-grown

Remember always death is no enemy
Remember always death is our friend

Knock knock
Knock knock
Its only death


On this journey of life
In the least likely places
Without trying
Without expecting
You’ll meet the most interesting people
See the most extraordinary things

Moxie: Its Wicked Good

If you’re not from New England
You wouldn’t understand
The bitter sweet
Of this carbonated drink
Passed down from generation to generation
Since 1884

Whenever I feel down
I pop the orange cap
Gulp after gulp I know
My world will be perfect

Grab a moxie
Drink enthusiastically

Not Anarchy Mates

Anarchist beware
The wolves are out
Claiming to be anti-Capitalist
Holding up signs of Stateless Society
While speaking with fork tongues

They’ll speak out against racism
Yet they propagate Nazi values
They’ll talk of Unity
As they in vision a world of segregation
They’ll tell you about universal ideals
As they decide on who’s in and who’s out

Beware these Children of Thule
Dissenters of truth
Dressing in black doesn’t make you an anarchist
These goons ruin the cause

Anarchists beware
The wolves are out
And they smile, they smile

Ocean Timeless

Starlight fades to black
We too must fade
Ocean waves take away the sand
Our moments disappear
How much longer do we have?
Only the Deity know knows

Live before you die
Reach for the sky
Even if you fail
At least you lived on your own terms
It’s better to be an Icarus
Than to be the old man standing on the hill

Don’t listen to the talking stones
They waist away there time
Living for a certain age
It never ever comes
Death is all that greets them

Live before you die
Reach for the sky
We the magic of starlight, starlight

Old Glory

In front of the Old Mountain
A flag waves in the breeze
Old glory they refer to it
I stop
Take a look
As a child it meant freedom
Justice for all
As a man
It no longer represents those ideals
My eyes have seen the truth of that flag
Freedom for the elite
Liberty for the corporations
Justice for the highest bidder

In front of the old Mountain
Old Glory burns with the leaves

Paradigm Shift

Tomorrow you may hear whispers
Of what might have been
Adopted ideas by pilgrims
Birth to death eternal sin

I’ll never push you towards the gold
You’ll have to get there on your own
I’ll never hold you from the edge
You’ll have to look out for your own

A whisper pregnant with meaning
Won’t sink you like a loud stone
Be careful to who you listen to
Hear the words that are never said

I will push you towards the lightning
I will protect you from the storm
You’ll never be close to the edge
I’ll be the one to look out for you

Walk on
Walk on
Walk on
Walk on

Per SE

You say you don’t love me anymore
Hit delete the light turns green
Nothing I say can restore
The fabric undone at the seems

My heartbreaks
My heartbreaks

I wish I could reach out to you
What would I say what would I do
The years slip away like mercury
Our meeting now means less to me

My heartbreaks
My heartbreaks

If I saw you today
Would you stop to say hey?
Or would you walk away
Pretending we never knew one another

If I crossed your path
Would you stop to have a laugh?
Or would you walk away
Pretending we never knew one another

I would forgive all your lies
If you picked up the phone right now
All my frustration would subside
At the moment I heard your voice

My heartbreaks
My heartbreaks

If I saw you today
Would you stop to say hey?
Or would you walk away
Pretending we never knew one another

If I crossed your path
Would you stop to have a laugh?
Or would you walk away
Pretending we never knew one another

Never trust anyone who says per se
Never trust anyone who says per se

Same Song Same Sad Place

Bush is Obama
Obama is Bush
Same corporate place
Different global face
Martin Luther would not accept…
Lincoln would turn away
The puppeteers that lead America astray


Don’t be fooled into being socialized
It’s a trick
To get you to be less than what you are
A trick
To make you a lap dog

You believe you are free
Then what happens when you step out of line?
They beat you
Imprison you
Until you conform
Conform to false morality
Sick rules of the weak

Fall in line
Love God
Love country
Never have a thought in your head

Resist the socialization agenda
Keep your children from becoming robotic rats
Allow yourself to be yourself
Start a bon fire
Run naked
Have no taboos
Reject the current stream
Bring the nations
Autonomous worldwide
Anarcho-Monarchy for all or for none
You decide

Before they bury you in the pile of forgotten nobodies

Stardust Night

We are only stardust
Soon we’ll return to the cosmos
Swirling among the fading stars
Forever do we live
Passing on throughout the generations
Our current form
Is only for a brief moment
One that we cling to without knowing why

Surreal Pie

You and I are perfect strangers
From who we use to be
Here we are on a lazy Sunday
Drinking coffee talking carefree

It seems surreal- looking back now
It seems surreal- being with you here

Whatever happened to morning glory?
We knew those tales all too well
Pushed ourselves to grow quickly
Now we can’t stop spinning the wheel

It seems surreal- looking back now
It seems surreal- being with you here

Our little meeting came to a close
Dressed differently than our old clothes
Make arrangements to meets again
We both know (we both know) it wont be so

It seemed surreal- looking back now
It seemed surreal- talking to you

It seemed surreal….

Thought on a Motel Porch

People believe in borders
They believe in countries
They believe in government

People never see borders as prison boundaries
They never see counties as institutions
They never see governments as cults

They never see because they want to remain
Keeping the false security blanket
Fearing reality

Even many who rage against the tide
Know that they too may drowned
They keep raging on

Better to push for liberty and fail
Than live in the shadow and succeed

Tip Tack

Have you ever seen tiny bubbles
Gently streak down
The inside of a tulip glass

Watching them
Join the liquid it sprang from


We are bubbles
Sliding down our tulip glass
Gently streaking down


To rejoin
That which we sprang from

To Ghost

It was never meant to be forever
Only for a year and a day
We dragged ourselves along the way
For no reason at all

You can’t get back time ounce it’s spent
Time is the most precious gift we have
Still we waste it
Pretending it will always be here for us

Looking back I should have known
We were only skipping stones
Trying to hold to a single moment forever
A moment that was never meant to last

We should have stuck to our deal
Instead of building an ant hill
As I write my biography
Not a mention will be made of you and me

As I write my history
No one will know about you and me

Tricky Mind

Sometimes your mind plays tricks on you
When you use hindsight
A bad relationship now seems all right
Busted car seems brand new
Oh those tricks of the mind
Don’t fall for them
Oh those tricks of the mind
Don’t ever fall for them


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I am a free thinking writer with a twist of beatnik and off the cuff dry humor. My writing focuses on a wide range of topics from spirituality, landscapes, emotions, politics and the surreal.

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author avatar brendamarie
21st Jun 2015 (#)

very interesting group of poems

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author avatar Abdul Batin Bey
24th Jun 2015 (#)

Thank you very much I try to write as honestly and as I can about the world I find myself in.

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