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What is a spider and what is the web it weaves? Do spiders learn maths before they hatch? Do humans weave similar predictable geometric patterns when they nest?

I Sing the Web Electronic

In work of love, the body forgets its weight. And once again with love and singing in mind, I come to what must come to me, carried as a dancer by a song. This grace is gravity. WENDELL BERRY, American writer from Kentucky.

My version: When we act from the center and depth of our heart; when we focus on the best memory of unity with "higher power" we can muster up, we stop being separate from it. We merge with it. Ego and body stop being, if but for a few fleeting moments, sun dancing with clouds dancing with sky. I ride the wave of what is to where I must go, learning as I do it...intent to love, to be of service to whatever is God, whatever is Creator, whatever is Spirit and saying, here I am. Use me. Then I am not and we are.
Does it suck me down into the third dimension as the magnetic or geo-whatever force of "gravity" does objects to earth? A reverse tornado? Filaments barely keeping a toehold on a balloon that keeps tugging on ties playfully bobbing in the wind wanting to ascend to a lighter less encumbered state?

The strings of the balloon, gravity, grace, love binds us. Clouds in the partly cloudy sky. The silver thread which holds Spirit encased in mud-water body, a temporary, clumsy, leaky vessel at best. Cocoon of higher awareness, of empathy of remembering why and who if not from where.

We make silver threads. We spin them like spiders, with our love, we make grace, we manufacture it from our heart....and this love, this grace, connects the dots in the fractal which is all there is...we do it, we are it.

I notice that in closeups of all spider webs, the design is fundamentally Fibonacci. How does every spider everywhere in the world know the design? And this particular spider is catching orbs as well as flies. Now that you've seen it up close for the ordinary miracle it is, will you again spray poison on it or break it with your broom?


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