Mistakes to avoid for 'teeing-off' the right way in Golf

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Golf though reckoned as the sport of the 'elite', in the recent past more and more people are taking up this as their favorite sport. Some basic facts that will help you for a better tee-off.

Mistakes to avoid for teeing-off the right way in Golf

Once you have attained certain stature in your business ventures, you want the world to know that what you have achieved. The best way is to rub your shoulders in a club where who-is-who of the business community meet each other. The ideal one is a Golf Club where you can stretch your legs while you are learning to play the game as well. It will also serve as the right move to exercise to keep you healthy and active to face more challenges that the future has in store for you. However you should be very cautious about not to get trapped into the same mistakes that the beginners commit due to their over enthusiasm.
1 The well known proverb “well beginning is half done” is very true to the golf as well. Due to the eagerness to get ahead with the game the beginners often forget the one important factor, the right tee. Your first selection of the tee has a lot of say for the whole game. So the idea is to spend considerable time to select the right tee. Walk around, feel the ground and have a good look at the green where your ball should reach and only after that you take the first swing.
2 As it happens you are on the golf course on a holiday or on a vacation do not mean that you can reach late for the game. It is important that you are on the First Tee well ahead of the start up time so that you can have a good feel of the lay which is very important for a good start. And apart from that you can beat the traffic also when you are early on the move.
3 Warming up is for making yourself ready for the game and that time should be entirely devoted for that ONLY. Do not practice your swings or putts in that time. A good warm up will help you to get that right swing you need.
4 Any self respecting golfer will invest on the necessary equipment beforehand. Do not lose the advantage of having the right putt for want of the right iron for the same. Consult with the experienced one for getting a good golf kit for yourselves.
5 As a beginner you may not have a high success rate, still it is important to work the ball to make it reach where you want it to be. The angle of hitting and the swing have a lot of say in the direction and speed of the ball. Practice to the best possible extent before you take that swing.
6 Calm your nerves before you take that stance to hit the ball. Nobody is going to judge you at this stage of the game. You have just started, the score book can wait. Just play and you will enjoy more and taking the shot with a relaxed mind, you fare better in the game.
7 A driver will definitely help you to reach the ball where you need it to reach, but you need not hit them that hard all the times, when there is a sand dune or woods in your path go for one. But when the path is clear and straight then you can get the job done with a different iron. You will also save some energy to be used in the later stage of the game.
8 Always use the best balls even when you are a beginner. The good ones will help you to have a good tee off.
9 Be sure to make up your mind before you take up your stance. Once decided go for the same shot you have planned in your mind. By changing the swing or the angle in the last moment will do more harm than good; both for the shot as well as for your body.
10 At this stage of the game you are not competing with a Greg Norman or Tiger Woods. Be natural to play the game and enjoy the same. The rating can wait; by yourself or by others.
11 The normal tendency is to plough ahead for the next shot even after a bad shot. You couldn’t be more wrong in this. Take time to correct your swing and the angle. You will be surprised by the results.
12 Repeat you yourself often that you want to enjoy the game rather than compete with somebody or even to yourself at this stage of the game.
13 If you make an improvement over your previous game, even if it is by one putt, then that is a good sign. Congratulate yourself and fix the goal for your next game, but always bear in mind that should be realistic at this stage of your game.
Ideally you should be in a good frame of mind, if you are to make a go at the game any day. Do not play the game if you are in a bad state of mind with issues which are domestic at the office or in business for that matter. After all you want to enjoy the game and improve on your own standards isn’t it?


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