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This article tells you about the acts of all the companies selling Phones . Whether their phones are actually value for money !


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Currently , In India , There are like really ‘ n ‘ numbers of companies producing mobiles . To much of a greater extent , the mobile industry is widely dominated by Samsung and Apple .There have been companies which are trying to get the same reputation like both of these companies slowly by providing excellent and desirable specs in the phones. Where Apple doesnt actually produces Mid-Range mobile phones ranging from like 8000 bucks to 16000 bucks. It launches 2-3 phones a year which are kind of flagships. The Apple has really earned a lot of respect in the Indian Market . If a person has an Iphone , He has a huge amount of respect . Sometimes , People get attracted to them. This is are one of the reasons why people buy Apple phones though not necessarily everytime. The new phones that it launches are near to the cost of 60000 bucks. The latest phone of it , being Iphone X costs 1 lakh just because it has a notch on it ? Well , It seems everyone has copied that idea of notch !

Then , Next comes Samsung . Unlike Apple , It launches Flagships as well as budget oriented phones which are cheap to buy. What actually is the difference between Flagships and Budget phones is that Flagships have the best specs to attract you. It would be having the latest Processor , dual rear-facing camera ( nowadays , some phones even have 3 rear-facing cameras ! ) , 18:9 ratio or put a notch on it. On the other hand , The budget phones are a kind of phones which have minimal specs. It must not be having the latest and the most powerful processor but having a suitable processor which matches the expectations to the consumer in respect to the price its sold on. Like , Usually Mid-Range phones get the Chipsets like Snapdragon Qualcomm 636 , 625 , 435 , etc . So , Samsung produces both the types of phones. But , Do the Mid-range phones of Samsung abide by their prices ? Thats truly no ! The prices are usually set around 18000 bucks for a very old processor , 16:9 body to screen ratio aspect , low megapixel camera and all that cost cutting stuffs which it can use. It also evens do not put the necessary Sensors in the phone. Thats actually not what Consumers want . Samsung with these phones make people fool , and people get fooled because there is the brand name : SAMSUNG. As so that mobile phone it doesnt do any justice to its price. Though , Samung does happens to do a great job in producing Flagships which is like Galaxy S9 , Note 9 , etc. The phone , here , has all the sensors , the best processor , competitive cameras , etc. Where people buy Apple phones for their Status , people are also getting fooled by Samsung thanks to their Mid-Range phones. A Company which does justice to its price and specs is XIAOMI. Also in line is HONOR.

One of the reasons why people dont buy phones made by Xiaomi or Honor is due to because they are China Companies. People have lost significant faith from China Companies which are entering Indian market. There shouldn’t be any kind of perception like this in people’s mind as it is what the company provides matters . But , The quality both these companies produce is far much greater than that of Samsung , at least in Budget Oriented Phones. The Xiaomi has just entered the Indian Market and it has been quite successful actaully since its inception. It regualarly launches phone in China and then simultaneously in India. It primarily focuses on budget oriented phones which provides more than what its price is. All the phones which it has produced are one of the best in the categories they fall into. They also produce flagships like Mi 8 , Mi 6 , Mi 8 Explorer Edition but these havent been launched in India. If you take an example like Redmi Note 5 , It was launched recently and is one of the best phones in 10000 bucks. It has a great processor , have all the sensors , have an IPS FHD Screen with the latest 18:9 screen to body ratio. You cant offer much more than this ! I , myself , have a Redmi Phone ( Redmi Note 4 ) . It too has excellent specs as comapared to the year it was launched. As nothing can be perfect , the only drawback is the camera. Redmi phones doesnt usually provides good camera until and unless its a dual camera setup. Same is with Honor. It also produces mobiles value for money. Where Xiaomi and Honor are the companies which are still at the growing stage though providing the best phones there are companies like Vivo and Oppo out there.

These companies wear a crown for marketing in India. Both of these companies focuses on marketing a lot to what they should do on Mobiles. These company’s phone are not value for money because they also have the same problem as Samsung. Though they provide the sensors they use an old processor and ask a lot of money for it. A speciality in their phones is the camera. All the phones have a great camera both front and back. So , here many people get attracted to the marketings of these phones in the TV or else newspapers or in public. They assume that their phones are very much popular and its worth buying them. Though , I have had never watched a single advertisement of the companies like Xiaomi and Honor. Their successful reign has been just filled with the quality of their phones. I , sincerely believe that people should buy phones if its worth to pay the asked sum of money. Paying more for less quality is pathetic. So , Before buying a phone make a detailed account of the phone you are planning to buy and buy a phone which is accustomed to you rather than a phone useful for boasting !

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