Mocking Religion Will Only Land You in Very Big Trouble

Harris Mungai By Harris Mungai, 23rd Feb 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Cartoonists,humorists and satirists must know that one of the important limits on their work is the general but the universal rule to never mock anybody's religion.

Charlie Hebdo

The attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo,resulting in the deatshs of 17 people,and the subsequent sale of millions of copies of the publication should wake the world up to the reality that in the pecking order of human rights,the freedoms of expression, thought,conscience and information are inferior to the freedom to hold religious beliefs.
Caricatures of politics,sex and everything else in between is permissible, but not anything that takes religion down from its pedestal. After all,religion thrives on faith- which makes little pretence to reason.

Too Much Freedom

Between and within religions,it is encouraged for one to think of all the others who do not belong as barbaric,inferior,ungodly,devilish and primitive. The robust opinion about other religions within particular faith promote brand differentiation and loyalty, and can enhance competition, but it must never be allowed in the airy atmosphere of free society. Now that ridicule of animist African religions has deeply entrenched Christianity and Islam on the continent,and paganism elsewhere in the world. It has no further use in religious discourse.
Cartoonists must respect the fact that the freedom of religions to express themselves cannot be subservient to the individual's freedom to question, challenge,ridicule,mock these religions.

Varying Beliefs

Obviously, anyone seeking to make fun of religion needs to be aware that there is order of precedence in matters faith. Some faiths are a lot more thick-skinned than others-where one might permit the lampooning of it's worldly leaders, another couldn't stomach the parody of it's messengers,and yet another couldn't tolerate the whiff of sarcasm in the same breath as the deities on high.
Beliefs that place women,races and other groups in their natural order according to their divine plan in established religions should never be discussed,let alone criticized. Freedom of expression can be allowed to stretch that far,or it might break communities. Should a deity insist on not properly understanding prayer requests that are not presented in a cultured language-such as Latin or Arabic-no person should have the licence to discuss it privately,or even in a newspaper.

Incidences That Happened

Religious sensibilities must not be gratuitously offended by being labelled unreasonable-even when faith is used as premise for people to their deaths with the promise of what appears to unobtainable on earth. Not even when a priest gathers worshippers in a church,as happened many years ago in a villlage in Uganda,prepare the congregation for the end of the world and sets the building on fire.
Not even when a religious leader takes people into a doomsday cult that demands sale of all their worldly belongings and consumption of instant poison.

No Rights Reserved

No one should make fun of modern day religious leaders who teach youth that bullets that are blessed by the ancestors do turn into water when shot at people pursuing a just cause.
Ridiculing people for falling prey to mortuary ressurections,miracle births,the multiplication of wealth offends the religious sympathies of millions of people. Even when religion teaches people to discriminate against others,it must be accepted as part of the diversity of living in the modern world full of tolerance in which they can not be criticized. It is only sensible to protect the right for such discriminators to be deeply offended into reacting when they are shown in unfavarouble light.


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
23rd Feb 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing this article. Blessings to you!

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author avatar Jenny Heart
23rd Feb 2015 (#)

another thought provoking piece! wow

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author avatar Retired
23rd Feb 2015 (#)

Excellent post! Thank you.

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author avatar Harris Mungai
24th Feb 2015 (#)

Thank you Carmen.

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author avatar Carol Roach
24th Feb 2015 (#)

however killing people over it is barbarism. "Thou shall not Kill"

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