Modern Democracy- Friend or Enemy?

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A look at the functional elements of modern democracy, general and specific examples as well as opinions of me and other people.

Public Participation in local and foreign policy deliberation.

We have heard and seen them; high profile meetings of government officials sitting in for special deliberations about issues pertaining to national security, national financial well being and even national morality. The issues that are discussed and voted for in parliaments, congress or any other building that houses such important men and women of any sovereign nation. Concerns such as the debt ceiling, immigration, sanctions, war declaration etc are all kept away from the public (the real material). Only bits and pieces, biased are let out to the press and embargoed before they are consumed by avid masses.

Long time ago, when Africa was still not called that, and perhaps Europe was called that, long before America was even invaded by the Europeans, chiefs and kings led kingdoms that prevailed in the numerous wars fought over territories on the plains of what we now know as Africa. These chiefs led armies of well trained men who were dedicated to fight for their honor. Affairs of their states were discussed during times of crises as as well as during resting hours, mostly in the evenings after dinner. Most villages had diners where all men congregated and their wives brought them their food and they ate as they shared ideas and made plans. What these men agreed on were things they all saw as beneficial for the entire population and everyone mattered; because they were a tribe. Most texts will point out that democracy was pioneered by the Greeks but these are just suggestions of a few while the rest of us know and believe that democracy began or was prevalent in Africa by the time it was also being practiced in Athens and even before.

Today, democracy has been beaten badly out of shape. Many countries claim to subscribe to the ideals of democracy where the voice of every member of the society matters. Practically, it is not the case; they are dictators, plutocracies, autocracies you name them that are running on a lie that they are democracies. Wars have been fought due to disagreements between nations or factions in a nation eg, WW1 and 2, unrest in Syria, Congo, Central African Republic, Afghanistani. The Cuban crisis, had it gone on to be a war was going to change the face of the earth, however, it was diffused and books have been written from this events. In all wars, something terrible has always happened, innocent civilians and children have died. Children have been handed the gun and told to shoot and kill, however, the reasons remain under the carpet. With the loss of people involvement in the affairs concerning their national well being, more and more dogma has been spewed their way and there has been an increase in senseless following by people and terrible loss of life due to clashes. If a solution could be fathomed at all to stop this madness, it wouldn't come no better in a form to minimize the effects.

Today's political fronts, politicians and players in the industry have created a multi-billion dollar money spinning scam out of politics. Large corporations align themselves with governments and government officials in order to exploit people and other natural resources. We talk about multinationals such as Coca-Cola, mining entities such as Marikana, Zimplats, Mbada Diamonds. What happens is, in a truly democratic country, where resources are left to be used by by people for their benefit. The president of the United States of America, acting in accordance to the wishes of a company that has fed millions of people across the country and the world experimental and unhealthy genetically modified foods, signed a bill to protect it from Federal courts just in case it was dragged there and hence the signing of the Monsanto Protection Act.

What is actually happening is, in a truly democratic country, people's voices are heard. Perhaps we wouldn't be having all these wars, all this looting by government officials across the world. We certainly wouldn't be having a concentration of power on a few individuals who then go on to abuse it. A result of this has been anguish and suffering for innocent people who practising their democratic right vote individuals into power. If we look at things properly, every and one of all presidents in the world have lied to people for election. They have promised high heavens and yet have turned out to deliver hades once installed. For how many more years shall ordinary people keep on to be lied to and abused all in the name of democracy? This lie, perpetuated for hundreds of years now has to be crushed by people. The Egyptians have lately been known to be intolerant of rascals as such. A year into Muhammad Morsi's reign, they dethroned him for his incompetency.

With elections merely a week away in Zimbabwe, people are excited and have been fed contesting parties manifestos. Some of what was said makes sense but the rest of it is mumbo jumbo, ancient promises from 1900 that have never been fulfilled before. What makes me wonder is, how will they be effected if they have never been in the past thirty something years. There has always been talk about development of indigenisation that so far has been heavily partisan although every one in the country who deserves it has not been served. In their manifestoes, major parties have scantily outlined that they are going to create more job opportunities, something they have failed to prove while working for the Government of National Unity. One may come to their defenses and say, they sabotaging each other, but that is no valid excuse because if that is the case, none of them deserve to be in the government if they put their feelings and importance before the people of Zimbabwe's. In writing, I still have to see an elaborate plan, budgets and cash flows showing how they intend to generate all their fancy promises, otherwise it is all but just talk. Unfortunately, tired and expectant, the people were quick to buy these promises and are on their way to yet another disappointment on July 31. How can rampant corruption and blatant disrespect of nationally valued resources suddenly disappear in a newly elected government. Given more time, by the ballot, they will wring the nation of its last diamond, gold and anything of value while people continue to languish in dire poverty.

We need to stop and think before empowering yet another bunch of no- gooders to happily stuff themselves at the expense of millions who are gullible. I of course have no regrets for my words for I have seen this happen and efforts to stop this have been met with snide commentary and nothing done to resort the issue. I love Zimbabwe and every other country. It's the heartless politicians and the government officials who have not a grain of care in their hearts who should answer to God for their atrocities, otherwise, we the people should run the affairs of the country, they are only overseers and nothing else!

Zimbabwe, Africa and the world- Meddling and Peddling.

In as much as the world needs the best for Zimbabwe (which is not exactly true) we definitely need to come up with home-grown solutions to the crisis at home. More like drop all party politics and focus on the country itself. It seems like the more we war about who is in charge and who is not, while forgetting to look at the actual job they are supposed to be doing, the more we slide into mediocre an existence and allow the flourish of manipulAtion by politicians. If you would rather, its people against politicians, not ZANU PF against MDC or NDP because, they are living large while the ones pitted against each other are not. Now, who's the fool? I mean, I appreciate all the benevolent plans of these people but look at it, it seems to them like the easy way out of ordinary living. For others, it means being able to keep their hands in the bags of diamonds, for others it means living off the generous donations of Western donors to whom they always look up to for solutions in times of crises like this.
I mean,honestly, what does western countries have to do with Zimbabwe's legitimacy of this or that? Well, ok, one may say they are safeguards of democracy or something like that but are they? Are children with a right to live not killed in the wars overseas in Afghanstan, Iraq and everywhere else? Certainly we can not say one kind of evil is better than another. Moreover, other African countries have no right absolutely because as far as concern is concerned about African affairs, Kwame Nkrumah tried and his legacy has been forsaken so shut it African countries, you are the most un-united countries under the sun because, you believe the developed nations love you while they love nothing about you but to exploit you and pretend to love you while doing so. This is caused by the lack of conviction by African leaders who for so long have itched to be where their former colonial masters were. Meanwhile, although imperialism ended in Africa, economic imperialism still has its tentacles around most of African economies. That is the reason why many political aspirants have in their plans accommodations for western businesses to invest in their nations. My recommendation is for Africa to come up with its own effective trading bloc because well almost every resource needed for life is in the continent. But the lie and continued exploitation of resources on the continent keep people lodged deep in the mud.

In Zimbabwe now, there are a variety of sentiments over the elections in which Robert Mugabe the aged leader emerged the victor. Many have called for the west to do something. What a shame! Others have called for taking to the streets! Way to go! And the rest are just but undecided wind-blown characters who do not know what is right or wrong for them. Time for reality check, crying out for the west to do something is utter dependence on those we are trying to get away from. Our economy can do well without them, if we do what we are supposed to. What we need to do is to put an end to this 'diamond' ring forged by ZANU PF and the Chinese. It's scary, with the rate at which they are going, I am even afraid that they may deplete diamond reserves in the belly of our earth before they are put to use for the benefit of everyone. Trust me, most of those haggling for positions for the benefit. Trust me, if I had the opportunity, I would get one or two, but not all and if anyone thinks they may just get in the government and ignore the temptation of all that gold and diamonds then they are serious liars!

So what's the way forward. I suggest, accept the results. Morgan Tsvangirai was quoted saying his party has no strategy as to what stance to take after Mugabe's victory and that it was up to the people to deal with the situation. Amid all these calls, the president of Russia, Vladimir has sent his congratulations to Mugabe while Khama is refusing to endorse anything, yet. The SADC region and the AU have given their thumbs up too. Those of us who belong to the losing camp have been hurt and disappointed that Mugabe once again rigged and I know still that they are those who voted for him genuinely, the numbers of which I don't know now. He may have won people's hearts over his indigenisation quips and stance, now that he wants to go into the banking sector, oh what a mess it will be! Or not! Who says that a country's banking sector thrives due to the presence of British Banking Corporations? That is the test Zimbabweans, to make it on our own. I'm quite sure if the British themselves meant it when they ceded power to a black government in 1980, they would have 'weaned' Zimbabwe. If all European nations genuinely gave up their colonies, they should have packed their bags and left completely so as to be spectators just like African nations are to them. You will never hear of a Lesotho minister saying that Kevin Rudd did a very bad thing to Julia Gillard. His/her opinion won't even matter to the Australian and international world of politics. However, the opposite is true to African nations. Ministers and congressmen from everywhere bay and bark about African politics anyhow! That ladies and gentlemen is wrong! If we are to take anything they say about us, it has to be a two way communication! The Zimbabwean Minister of Health should have a say about the US president signing the Monsanto Protection Act- and be heard too!

So the breakaway voices of the world over the election outcome in Zimbabwe should all shut up! People should learn to be observers and mind their own business. To fellow Zimbabweans I say, it is time to buckle up. ZANU PF has won running on an old campaign line of indigenization. Now look closely with a magnifying glass, in fact, discard the looking glass and look at what they are doing. It will give you a very clear vision of what they are going to do. They are going to continue empowering black people, or rather, Zimbabwean natives, even white people because it is not always about black and white people. Joshua Sako, the ZANU PF Youth League Secretary for External Affairs is white. So cut the notion that they are a racist party. They may be but just to racist whites. MDC meanwhile, is a party that promised democracy, but has not been able to effectively convince the voting public that they are for democracy, especially in the face of allegations by their opponents in the face of trying to hand over the country to former colonizers. But the democratic part is what won me, I yearn for a country where my voice matters. Just what we want in the country currently, for all people to participate in matters that matter. For government ministers to be held accountable and stop running off with money and abusing their power. I mean it has been a rough ride with ZANU PF in power and we still have to go another five years. I say, as the MDC president suggested, we need to take care of the issue ourselves, without having to depart from important ideals of empowerment of the people for the benefit of the people. And shut up western countries!

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