Moments of which you can not detach.

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You can not say you are assured of a job, and you're really disappointed from day one, that if you love what you do you can go ahead and if you like you can give more.

Days without sunset or sunrise.

A very interesting story, one way or another, I realized that nothing happens by chance, or rather nothing can be foretold to happen.
I was last year in May, so it was, and I am committed to a cafeteria close to the block where I live, and here began my day nightmare, so to speak.
First day of work was very ugly, I stayed 17 hours in labor, among whom I was very disappointed because all I did was deleted the windows, which were not removed for years, and so, so better said was a day of cleaning.
Although I was very good and I agreed to help and do, and how I find out what I actually said to employment, in fact it was not.

And it was actually, although there was no one have clients or not, I had to get out and invite people to buy virtually compel people on the street to buy our products, which were also really expensive.
It does not seem normal to do that, because I would not get one if I would invite anyone forced to buy something if I do not like.
Another cause for which I was proud to hear was that I had to stay standing alone, even if it hurt a little leg was not allowed to sit down, so the law was made for them.
I say it was a special case in that, after that I was selling cakes and cookies, they kept me in the heat over 50 degrees, and I was the one that empty in that way, could be sour or dried all had to sell them.

Final meeting I resigned, well that was after a few months, so it is when you need money to do anything accept, even misbehave with you.
I know it's hard not to have a job, because I'm not working at the moment, but you can not resist any way you laugh and be a slave, I know I'm a bit bad but that is the truth.

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30th Jan 2015 (#)

I've had jobs like that.

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