Money Has No Morals

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The saying money has no morals has been around for years, however is there any truth in it, is the money the immoral element or is it the humans and the way they use money.

So Does Money Have Morals/

Money has no morals was a favourite sayings of my first boss and by this he meant that people will do anything to acquire money, regardless of the morality of the actions they carry out, in order acquire the money they are seeking. When I think about this now I agree with the meaning of this statement but not the way it is worded, as it is not money that is to blame for the immoral actions of humans, as money is just an object.

Regardless of what man is trying to acquire, be it money of other high value items that can be exchanged for other goods or services, it is man's actions that are immoral not the items in question. Humans are to quick to blame the influence of other forces in our lives, but we need to wake up and see that it is our actions that are the problem not the item we are trying to acquire.

People say all sorts of unfair things about items of value such as money, with one of the most common sayings being that money is the route of all evil. Again just like the morality issue money is not evil. If money was not around there would be some other item that man pursued in the same way, which shows once again that it is man's actions that are the problem not items of value such as money.

We see all sorts of immoral actions going on around us everyday, which are designed to trick us into parting with our money. The media sells us this illusion that lots of money and fancy things will make our lives happier, but the opposite is usually true, as in order to achieve the material things we think we want, man does and says things he would not normally do.

Money is a tool used to ease our passage through life, it allows us to acquire the things we need to survive and thrive. It is not evil or immoral, as it is just an item and by thinking of it in this way we can see it is our actions when trying to acquire money are sometimes the immoral or evil part.

We can all acquire money in an ethical manor, one that helps others. Acquiring money in this way is far more rewarding than any other and it brings with it a sense of happiness and fulfilment. To be rich is not about the amount of money you have in the bank, but the feeling you have in your heart, and by helping and guiding others to a happier life you will be far richer than you would be if you had lots of money and other material items.

Always think of the effect your actions have on others when you are pursuing money and if it leaves someone else in a worse position than when they started it is not a fair exchange. By thinking in this way we all gain and grow rich.


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