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Yes this commodity is very important to many and can cause concern if lackinf


This commodity even if it is little or plenty in some can cause anxiety
Well it will not take one a time to figure out that it is money
There is no problem is that process of its accumulation
But the real test comes by the process of its dispensation

There are many who believe that having it can make one happy
But then how come we some of those rich folk in a state of misery
On some occasions there are reports of the children of those who are affluent
Were alleged to demonstrate a type of behavior that is considered deviant

Some too think that having money will present to them that opportunity
To let them rub shoulders with certain people of the rich community
To them this will bear out a sort of sense of purpose and of course achievement
Not in any way trying to conceal that attained goal by that show of enjoyment

But actually it does not matter how much money one has in the pocket
The best way of managing it is to work within vary controlled budget
And this can only happened if one has the discipline to be prudent
So those money worries would become lesser of a torment

Perhaps some of those wealthy people many not be too comfortable
Because in places where there goods are by the media made visible
They may will that will at sometime be a form of attraction
To someone who may have that mind for criminal intention

With money whether one is rich or poor remember who is the earner?
And one should look at one’s expenses and make decisions much wiser
Make those investments into products that over time will appreciate
Don’t let the want for material things your system of spending dictate


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