Monsanto Already Failing

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For years we've been observing the destructive development of Monsanto. Many people here in Europe haven't even heard of them and much less understand the negative consequences world-wide of Monsanto "trying to play God". Read on for my personal opinion on the subject.

Mon santo = "My" "Saint" ?

The idea seemed so great and so profitable! Splice a few genes, make the follow-up crop infertile, manufacture the worst poisons in form of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizer and gain world dominion overnight, because without paying Monsanto the over 7 billion people on this planet won't eat anymore.

Nice plan. Ruthless as well as totally ignorant investors facilitated this plan and I guess we'll have to mop up a few of their tears shortly.

Going against nature

The real gold and the real value on this planet has been, is and will always be fertile, rich soil. Wars have been fought over it from the dawn of humanity and that will not change in future unless the masses will wake up. Unlikely in my opinion. Probably only severe hunger will change people's minds, epidemic illnesses obviously don't.

It's not so much our medical system at fault that people are so ill these days and that even children are born now in very, very bad health conditions. In reality, the cause is our depleted soils.

Maybe people are so brainwashed by the industry and their advertising that they simply don't realize anymore what's going on. Confusion and denial reigns.

It stands to reason that if we feed ourselves with food that has no value or is poisonous to our bodies, then generation after generation our mental and physical health will deteriorate. This is an unstoppable process and will logically end in self-induced genocide.

Going against nature literally means hurting your body and mind. Maybe this is *too simple* for you to understand, but nature will always protect the strong and destroy the weak! So how are you? Strong or weak? And weakening our food is exactly what Monsanto is doing. They are weakening and destroying our soils, seeds and crops in their delusion of wanting to achieve world power.

Labeling GMO produce?

There we have the smart campaigners who read something about organic food and healthy lifestyle, but in their ignorance they are literally supporting GMO produce and Monsanto!

The right and only possible approach to GMO is to prohibit it and close down Monsanto! Not label it! How come that this is so difficult to understand? Or do you not care about your health or do you not love your children and grandchildren enough to protect them from those outright criminals?

Are you already too weak, too generated and too fearful to stand up for the only thing worth fighting for, i.e. healthy soil, seeds, crops and food?

Without health you have nothing and you know at least that!

Only you and I - the people - can stop GMO!

As I read yet another horror story of Monsanto's carrying on, I found a mention of a lady called Diana Reeves. She lost her 5 year old son to cancer and her other two children are also ill. She then studied healthy food and lifestyle just as we "organic" people all do and came to the right conclusion: Go with nature and against GMO. And courageously she started a campaign in the U.S. that is actually heard about world-wide! I've joined her here and here although I live in Europe.

Get involved on a personal basis

Whether you live in denial or whether you feel offended by this article or whether you are too lazy to change, always remember: Nature will take care of you as you deserve it. The truth will always be the truth and does not need to be defended. Only sometimes the truth needs pointing out. Truth can always stand on its own.

I can see really just a few solutions to keep myself and my family healthy, so I will share them again, we've been living this healthy lifestyle now for 2 generations and are healthy and happy:

  • I grow my own as much as possible
  • I buy organic and biodynamically raised produce at a higher price, but save myself doctor and hospital bills.
  • I always cook everything from scratch and also make my own bread
  • I moved out of the city into a mountain valley to always breath in fresh air
  • I select new "green" friends and together we can support each other
  • I threw out the TV set and the newspapers and occupy my mind with positive, constructive and elevating thoughts.

Will you join me?

10 steps to stop monsanto & genetically modified foods

Thanks for calling in!

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BTW: As the truth on this subject is very close to my heart, I appreciate positive and negative, but well informed and researched comments. All others will be deleted.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
12th Jul 2012 (#)

am so glad you have written this as I know of the destructive force of these people and the way they are poisoning people all around the amazes me that people will buy food that has been genetically modified and you can tell just by looking at also has no fragrance as food and flowers should have as per MOther Nature...bless her spirit...thank you againChrysolite

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author avatar chrysolite
12th Jul 2012 (#)

Thanks, cnwriter, we all have to do our bit to stop this GMO! It will destroy people, animals and nature! So I will write again and again and meanwhile I've joined Diana Reeves in the U.S. to campaign against GMO. I don't know yet of any European efforts in that direction, at the moment they want to get down the zero tolerance ban on GMO here. Typical!

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author avatar Shaunak
5th Sep 2012 (#)

Sad! How Big Corporations are ruining our planet.

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author avatar chrysolite
5th Sep 2012 (#)

Yes, Shaunak, but it is not only sad, it's unbelievable that parents say they love their children, yet don't know what Monsanto is really doing. I asked various people around here whether they know what Monsanto does and they say: "Never heard of it!"

The future generations will inherit sickness, sorrow and suffering because nobody cares.

Show hand! Who's joined a protest group in any country against Monsanto or is proactively doing something about it?

Yes, I know one single person can't do anything about the issue, but then I thought, no, there must be a way and sure enough I found other intelligent people who can see through the Monsanto issue and we do something about it.

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