Mood swings and introspection

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Catching up on a few posts, from the last week or so.

"A simple man, with trembling heart" by Jerry E Smith, 11/20/15

I find myself close to tears, as I greet the day. Sometimes it seems,
That it has always been this way. My mental state,
My grasp of my emotions, has always
Been Fragile at best, and now
At times, I can’t seem to
Put my fears to rest.
My tears have always flowed, quite easily you see;
The sight of a sunrise, the plight of a sick dog,
An old woman alone, walking on the
Roadside carrying bags of
Groceries in each arm…
“Where are her family” I wonder,
“Why is she alone now, at this stage of her life”?
And songs, especially beautiful music, has always brought me to
Tears; tears of joy, tears of appreciation and yes, even envy,
For those who can create such as that. Some songs
Move my ‘heart to my throat’; my breath comes
In gasps.
I might wish that all this would not be so, but in truth,
I am glad I am, just a simple man, with a trembling heart,
Who cries at the drop of a hat.
Jerry E Smith 11/20/15

"My spirit soars above the turmoil" by Jerry E Smith 11/21/15,

Though my body and mind are tired, vexed by the condition of our world,
My spirit soars above the turmoil, untouched by all the strife. I look at
The crowded shores, and I cry for what I see, and yet I know that it
Will all work out, I have faith and trust in humanity. I believe that
The love I feel in my heart, is what you feel too, and together
We can spread the good; that love will be our glue. Hold
Yourselves ready, to lend a helping hand. Let love and
Kindness guide your steps, as you tread across the
Land. You can do no better thing in life, that to
Bear your brothers burdens, so lighten those
Loads as you come upon someone carrying
Too much; give your shoulder and your
Ear, to lean upon and listen as best
You can. There is always someone
Home, when you pass them on
The street. Do not pass them
By, smile as you greet them.
A smile is a powerful thing,
So use it generously.
Jerry E Smith 11/21/15


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I play piano and sing for the Elderly in care facilities in Atlanta for 8 yrs. I am also a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) I work for a home care agency now, as a patient transport.

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author avatar RondaKay
23rd Nov 2015 (#)

A smile is contagious. Beautiful work. And it's ok to be means you are alive. :-)

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