Morbid Dreams

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In no way do I condone the actions of the character in this poem it is merely an example that one is able to find beauty in everything you just have to know how and were to look. Continue of your own free will!

Morbid Dreams

As the eerie light of the blood moon
Rises to its zenith over the mist
Covered carpet of the oaken vale
Darkness blankets the mist in the
Crimson hues of freshly formed
Glinting rubies

Waxen tears fall from the emerald inflamed
Orbits of yet another child that has been
Utterly ostracized destroyed by the likes
Of a society that fears what it could not
Ever hope to conceivably understand

She pleadingly peers to the darkened
Heavens searching the twinkling celestial
Bodies screaming out for redemption to
Be reborn anew so that her adversities
Would cripple her no more alas there is
Like always no response no reprieve for
Her plight only the silence of the void the
Eerie shadowy glow of the blood moon
Reflecting off the mist of the oaken forest

If only she had a light in the eternal turmoil
Of darkness that is her constant reality to
Guide her to show her the way through the
Vast forest that is life to lend her strength in
Her never ending hours of need to lift her up
To offer the courage to stand alone against
The adversities society has shackled her with

She is overflowing with the venomous rage
Of a woman scorned she has been betrayed
Yet again by the one she had given her heart
To only to have it completely and utterly
Shredded she has nothing left to give but the
Empty bloody vessel of an aching black hole
In place of her once loving heart the world has
Chewed her up spit her out broken her into a
Single solitary act of desperate defiance

The Blood moons shimmering pale sanguine
Dancing light beckoningly reflecting off the silver
Edged black bladed dagger as it’s pulled from the
Abysmal nether of the black polished leather
Bound sheath her tears run dry eyes puffy she
Breaths deep and smiles as she raises the blade
In a long slow final salute of defiance to her long
Tortured wretched reality that has become her life

She thrusts the blade deep beneath her supple
Breast into the soft twitching mussel of her tender
Aching heart she falls back from the blow slumping
Against the bowls of an ancient oak as the blood
Of her tormented adversities that is her excruciating
Existence starts slowly tickling past the blade still
Thrust into the once aching hole in her ample bosom
Continually building pressure until flowing into a
Steady stream over her dark blouse staining the fabric
With the immutable sanguine contrast of her life force
Flowing down the valley of her stomach into the
Darkened recesses of the cusp between her thighs
Finally pooling beneath her posterior warming her
Against the nights cool damp mist

She gazes up to the celestial bodies of the heavens
With the fading vision of a once hopeful perception into
The glare of the staunch silent guardian of the night the
Eternal blood moon she wonders why there is no pain
Only the surreal blissful closure of a tormented existence
She realizes there is no pain because she has finally
Found the freedom she so desperately yearned for from
The nightmarish hell she has come to know as reality

Slowly drifting into the endless darkness of deaths
Awaiting clutches she finally finds what she has been
Longing for all those long tormented years of her
Traumatic life she comes to know it for what it truly is
As a smile spreads wide across her paling complexion
As the light slowly fades from her emerald eyes she has
Finally found peace and can bask in the serenity of it for
All of eternity



Dark Beauty, Dark Poem, Dark Poetry, Death, Sucide

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Hello I'll keep this short I have been writing poetry since I was in high school and never really stopped. So I'll leave it up to the readers to decide if I'm any good.

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